November 3, 2008

Combining Number Templates

Okay I've never done a tutorial before but I'm going to attempt to show you all how to combine my number templates so you can make whatever number you would like. I am using Photoshop CS3. First you will open the 2 number templates that you would like to combine. I'm going to make the number 20. So I will open number 2 and 0. In the number 2 template I am going to go to my layers palette and click on the layer titled photo 1 and hold down shift while I scroll up in my layers palette and I will click on the very last layer (all my layers are selected except the background layer). Then I will right click in the layers palette and go to duplicate layers. A screen will pop up and you will want to change the destination to the opposite layer you are on (in my case it will be Document 0drawn.psd) Click OK.

Once you click OK the number that you duplicated will be on your other template. Then you will select that template and the move tool. Adjust your number to the position you would like it.

Then you will have to select all the layers of your other number and adjust them. Then you can resize your numbers by selecting all the layers (except the background layer). Then click on the move tool and resize to whatever size you would like. You can resize your numbers individually but I like to do them together so that they look like they are the same size. But I guess if you wanted one number to be bigger than the other than that would work too.

And you have your number template. Be sure to save it as another PSD template so you don't override your original document. I hope this tutorial helped and wasn't too confusing. I would love to hear your feedback.

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