January 17, 2009

Editing a Template

I decided I would write a tutorial on how to edit a template. If you need a tutorial on how to use a layered template than click here . This tutorial is more of just how to edit a template and change it around a bit. I'm using Photoshop CS3 by the way for my tutorial. So first of all open your template (I'll be using one of my 365 challenge templates) and save it under a new file name so that you don't change the original. The first thing I'm going to do is show you how to grab several layers and move them around. So I'm going to grab all the layers that I want to move by holding down the shift button and clicking on the layers I want to move. In this case I'll be moving Photo layers 1-31. You can see all the layers highlighted below.
You can either select your move tool before or after selecting the layers you want to move. Then you will simply move the layers how you want to, you can turn them, you can even stretch them or shrink them if you want to. Hold down the shift key when you stretch a layer if you want it to stay proportional. Once you are done adjusting your layers then you hit enter. Now I will show you how to adjust a dropshadow. I'm going to adjust the dropshadow on the January layer to make it look like the paper is bending a little bit. So double click on the layer you want to adjust and the layer style box should appear for you. Then click on the dropshadow effect. I'm going to leave my settings what they are, but you could adjust the distance and size if you wanted to. I don't usually do anything with the spread. Just adjust them until they look how you want to. Make sure the preview button is checked, that way you can see what is going on with your layer. Occasionally I will use the inner shadow to make it look like a layer is cut out of another layer or behind it (that is what I did with the photo layers in this template, it looks like they are actually behind the january layer.) When you are done adjusting your shadows then hit the OK button.

Next you will go to the Layers Menu>Layer Style>Create Layer. (Pictured Below)

Click on that and then you will have another layer below the layer you were just on, it will be that layers drop shadow. Click on the dropshadow layer. Then go to your Edit menu>transform layer>warp (Pictured Below) and click on that.

A grid will appear and you can adjust the different points of the dropshadow. You can pull the corners out to make them look like they are bending, it's pretty fun what you can do. You can also do this with any other layer. So it might be fun to do it with the actual January layer. Just hit enter when you are done adjusting your points.

Once you hit enter you can leave the layer the way it is but I like to add a blur effect to it, that way it doesn't look as sharp. What you'll do for that is go to the Filter Menu>Blur>Gaussian Blur and click on that.

Then a pop up screen will appear and you can adjust the pixels. I usually put mine between 5 and 10. The bigger the number the softer it looks. (Remember to have the preview button clicked so that you can see what it's going to look like).

And that's how I had curved pages to my templates. So hope this works for you. If you ever want to see how I do something with one of my pages, let me know and I'll try and write a tutorial for it.

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