February 24, 2009

How to Use a Text Box in Photoshop CS3/Elements

Here's a tutorial on how to use Text Box Templates. The pics are from Photoshop CS3 but you do the exact same steps in Elements (I tested it, the only difference is that when you first open the psd file it will ask you if you want to update the layers and you will hit update). I'm going to use a star text box in my tutorial. First you'll open the psd file of the text box you want to use.

You can see the psd file is just one layer. It is the text box layer. First what you'll want to do is save this as another psd file so you won't loose your original psd file. After that is done you simply click on the Type tool and then click inside the star textbox. What I would do is highlight all the text and delete it and then type in your own text.
(Highlighted Text) Once you've highlighted and deleted the original text you can just type your own text.
Now once you've type your text (I usually do a couple sentences at a time and then I edit them) you can edit the font, type and size individually. So highlight the text area that you want to edit and choose a different font, color or size as desired. In this case I highlighted "Star" and changed the font. You can do that with any of the words in the text box. You may have to play around with the font and size to make it look right in the star box. You can also add drop shadows and the such just like you would with normal text. (You can see my finished star below.) Now this psd file is a 6x6, you can either do your word art or journaling box and save it as a png file and then add it to your scrapbook page or I will show you an easy way to add it to an already existing psd file or digital scrapbook page. What you'll do is right click on the star text box layer and hit duplicate layer.
This is what you'll see and then you'll choose the document you want to copy it to (you'll have to have it open in photoshop). In my case it is the Untitled-1 file. I'm just going to add this to a new 12x12 psd file. So you choose the document and hit okay.
Once you hit okay you can go to the document you duplicated it to and it will be there on the psd file. You can see mine below. Now I can reposition the star, resize it or turn it to fit my needs (just use the move tool). I can also edit the text if I want too. So there you go and you can see my finished star below. I added an outline to make the star more complete. I think this is such a fun add on for a page, plus it would make some fun word art.


Jody said...

I just want to thank you for the tip on duplicating the layer. I didn't know you could send it to a new document like that. I had always dragged it from my original file. Neat tip!

Would you believe I just learned two days ago how to make these shaped text boxes. They are so much fun and can be used in so many ways.

cjpeterson38 said...

This is a really fun thing to add to my layouts!
Thanks so much for the tutorial.

Html Pro said...
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André Bérard said...

nice post

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