June 13, 2010

We Want To See Your Layouts!

Hi all, Ellie here with some news for all of Scrapping With Liz's fans!
Liz and her CT have a few changes coming for you soon - it's all very exciting!
As part of the changes we would like to see more of the scrapbooking layouts you create with Liz's templates. Heather will be here with more details on that soon (including prizes!!) but for now I'm here to quickly show you how to upload one of your layouts into Liz's gallery at Scrap Orchard - it's easy, honest!

Note: You can click on the images to make them larger - I know it's a pain, but that's Blogger for you lol ;)

So here we go, step one, click on the gallery link...

Then click on Upload Photos

Then for the category, where it currently says ‘Member Galleries’, click on the drop down list and select ‘Scrapping With Liz’. Then select your photo and enter a title as normal.

On the Add Photos page you will then see that the first category is set to Scrapping With Liz with the option of two more categories. Unless you want to put your layout into another designer’s gallery as well or in a challenge gallery, leave the other two as they are. N.B You do not need to select Member Galleries as another category for your layout to show in your own gallery.

And that's it! Your fabulous layout will now be in your own gallery at Scrap Orchard as well as Liz's, ready for us to leave you some love!
Thanks for reading!


Leppy said...

Great Info. Does SO want all the LO's to have 90% content from their designers kits in order to be in the members gallery?

Tamara said...

I was so happy to pick up a $3.00 off yesterday--I have been using Liz's stuff in some of the challenges--I will put them in her gallery too :)

Scrapping With Liz said...

Becky-I believe you only have to use one SO product. So if you use one my temps you are good to go!

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