July 5, 2010

Getting to Know Liz's CT - Today meet Tiffany

Welcome to "Getting to Know Liz's CT." Every month I'll be interviewing one of my CTM's and you'll get to know a little bit more about them.

Today I have Tiffany here to answer a few questions. She's been following me from almost the very beginning (2 years!) and was one of my very first Creative Team Members. So here are some fun, silly and serious questions I asked her.

Why did you want to be on my team?
I was a really big fan of your templates, and I used them often. I think my scrapping style goes very well with them. I had recently been accepted on my first team for another designer, and I was really enthusiastic about the idea of CT work. When you made your Scrap Orchard move I was really excited for you, but had been hoping, hoping, hoping your big announcement would have been a CT call - because I was totally going to apply!

What is your scrapping style?
I am pretty minimal, in that I don't do a lot of clustering, and I don't place a lot of elements on my pages - I generally stick to a couple papers and a couple elements. Lately I've been trying to make my layouts more meaningful to me by scrapping more about the memory/story instead of just showcasing a photo.

What is your favorite color/why?
Since I was young, I have always claimed that green is my favorite color. My brother recently asked me this same question, and after he heard the answer, he told me that "geniuses" often have green as their favorite color (he heard that somewhere). Now, I was in GATE when I was in elementary school, but the real reason that I say green is my favorite color is that when we were at the babysitter's house, and we kids would play board games, no on ever would pick the green piece (everyone wanted red and blue), and I didn't want green to feel bad, so I decided that I would always pick green.

If you had to choose between peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or macaroni and cheese which one would you choose?
At the moment, I would choose the mac and cheese. Unless it is Kraft Mac N' Cheese. I would never pick that.

What's your favorite zoo animal?
I have rarely been to the zoo, but we did go last summer, and the only thing that really interested me was the red panda because it was totally NOT what I was expecting, and it was pretty cute.

Do you fold your underwear or just throw it in the drawer?
I do fold my underwear, which is funny because I'm pretty haphazard with all the rest of the clothes. Now that I think about it, I think I started folding my underwear a couple years ago when I started using a clothes line to dry our clothes in the spring/summer/fall. The way I hang the underwear on the line (to maximize the amount of clothes I can get on there), they end up sort of warped, so I fold them to get them back in their normal shape. I guess it is an ingrained habit now, because I still do it when I use dryer.

Do you snore? Talk in your sleep? Sleepwalk?
I don't think I do any of these.

Are you a morning/night person?
I am a night person. I am at my most energetic between about 9 - 11 pm. Even if I've been dog tired all day, I totally perk up at 9pm. However, in the morning, once I'm awake, I'm awake. I don't have any problem getting out of bed, and I don't require coffee. Just being up on my feet for a few minutes and I'm fully awake and "functional." And I don't have the ability to take naps, either.

What is your favorite book/movie?
My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo, and my favorite movie is the second X Men movie.

Can you kill a spider?
No, I cannot. The closest I can get to a spider is about 2 feet ... more like 3 feet, really, and then I will start yelping, breathing erratically, and shaking my hands.

Picky eater or eat anything?
I'm pretty picky, but after being with my husband (who really likes variety in his food), I've definitely broadened my food horizons. But I am very hesitant to try anything new, and generally when we go to restaurants, I will have a single dish that I will always order every time.
Your favorite band/song?
My favorite band is a rock/horror-punk band called The HorrorPops. My favorite song by them would be "Dotted With Hearts." But my favorite song ever is "Saturday Night" written by Michale Graves when he was in the band Misfits (the quintessential horror punk band). I'm not really into music myself, but my husband is REALLY into music (listening to it and collecting it - it's his equivalent to my digi scrapping addiction), and my taste in music has been greatly influenced by what he listens to.

Are you married?
I've been married for 7 years, and we've been together for ... about 10 years.

Do you have any children?
I have one son, Miller, who turned 3 in March. No plans now for any more. I think I started too old. I just turned 35.

Team Jacob or Team Edward (I had to ask this just for fun?)
I am most decidedly Team Jacob - from reading the books, but seeing the movie New Moon has only solidified that stance. I have not seen Eclipse - yet.

Show me one of your most recent favorite pages done with one of my temps.
I really liked this layout because I wrote about a topic that has been a big issue for us - getting Miller caught up on vaccines, and I had already scrapped a page about my vaccine fears and such - so I ended up with a before and after kind of thing, which made it really special to me. I used the Zine style temps and Propitious Perse by DeCrow and the SO June mega.
I decided I would show you one of my favorite pages from Tiffany. I absolutely LOVE this page. The picture, journaling, title, papers, quote, leaf, all of it just goes together so well.
She also used the Zine Style Templates with this one. I think they must be her style!
So I thought I would give you all a coupon for them just in case you haven't tried them out yet. They are so fun and you get lots of extras with them too. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite template sets. I made them for the May Digi Files and now they are available in my Scrap Orchard store. So here's a coupon code for you to get 40% OFF off my Zine Style Templates!

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I hope you've enjoyed learning more about Tiffany. She's a fun gal and is a great help to my team. Next month I'll be interviewing the wonderful Ellie.

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