July 20, 2010

Life with Liz - My Hair

I've been wanting to scrap a page about my hair for awhile and then when I saw the Time Capsule challenge over at Scrap Orchard was about hair I thought it was the perfect time to go ahead and make a page about it. Some of you have already seen this page but I thought I would show it to you again.

I decided to chop my hair off about 2 years ago. I've always had long hair so it was a BIG thing to chop it off. To be honest I liked the short hair for about 1 day! Then I decided having short hair was so much harder to do then having long hair. With long hair I can just gather it into a pony tail or let it be wavy. With short hair I had to style it every day....which I'm not into. So here's the page I made and every time I'm tempted and even just think about having short hair I'm going to look at this page and remember why I didn't like it.

Oh and this template was from the mystery challenge over at Scrap Orchard. It's free and there is still time to participate. Do you know you can earn points for participating in challenges and then get coupons to SO? You aren't allowed to use 1 layout for 2 challenges though but I incorporated both challenges in this one layout just for the fun of it. Have I mentioned how much I like challenges. When I have the time to participate in them I LOVE them. They stretch me and make me try new things.

Just click on the pic to get full credits. And don't forget to try out some challenges.

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