July 13, 2010

Life with Liz

Since this weekly post is a little bit about me and my life I thought I should answer the same questions that I ask my CT when I interview them for the "Getting to Know Liz's CT" blog posts. So here are my answers.
Why did you want to be on my team? Well....because it's awesome! LOL....but seriously my team is awesome. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't have all these fun blog posts to read. Just so you know, they came up with these questions. I'm so not creative when it comes to writing.

What is your scrapping style? Traditional/Simple....I guess. Sometimes I try to move out of my comfort zone but it's so hard.
What is your favorite color/why? Blue. The color of a clear sky and the ocean.....perfect!
If you had to choose between peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or macaroni and cheese which one would you choose? Definitely PB & J....anything with peanut butter.

What's your favorite zoo animal? Giraffe....mainly because this is my kids favorite animal. We used to go to the Jax zoo all the time and it was the first animal we always had to see.

Do you fold your underwear or just throw it in the drawer? Although I am an organizational freak I don't give a hoot about my underwear drawer so they just all get thrown in long as they are in there and the drawer is closed I'm good to go.
Do you snore? Talk in your sleep? Sleepwalk? Don't snore, don't sleepwalk but I do occasionally sit up in my sleep and say something random to my husband. All my girls talk in their sleep's pretty funny.
Are you a morning/night person? Definitely a morning person. Although I go through random spurts of staying up late and sleeping in and then after a week or two of that I realize I miss getting up early so then I'll start getting up early again.

What is your favorite book/movie? Book and Movie would be Pride and Prejudice....and although I like all versions of Pride and Prejudice my favorite is the BBC version. I have to watch it about once a month. I usually have it on in the background while I scrap.

Can you kill a spider? Yup!

Picky eater or eat anything? I'll pretty much try anything and I like most things.

Your favorite band/song? Hmmm...tough one. I'm not a huge music person. I usually listen to whatever my husband is into at the moment. But I guess NeedtoBreath has been my favorite lately. Although I just went to a David Crowder concert and I'm really digging his latest CD....I also love his older ones too.

Are you married? Yes, almost 11 years.
Do you have any children? 3 beautiful girls - Ashlyn 7, Emmie 5, Kyla 3
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Sorry fellow Twilighters but I'm just not into it. I have watched the first 2 so I'm not totally not into but not into it enough to really choose.

I'll show you my most recent favorite layouts. I think these 2 are my favorites right now.

This first one (I did this for a SO challenge a couple months ago) means a lot to me because in a couple of weeks I turn the big 3-0. So it helped me to reflect on my 20's and think of 29 things I love....and since I can still say it, I'll tell you I'm still in my 20's.....even if it is only for a couple more weeks.
I used my "Zine" Style Templates to make this page. Actually, no I take that back. I made this page and then a couple months later I made my "Zine" Templates and I took the inspiration from this page. You can click on the page for full credits.

Here's one I did just last week. I really like this one because I had so much remembering the fun time my husband and I had 1 year ago on our 10 year anniversary cruise. We'll be celebrating 11 years here in a couple weeks so it was fun to make and think about our anniversary. As you can see from my pages I love to use lots of photos and I almost always journal. I used my Goal Temps for this one.
Wow! I just noticed 4 similarities between my 2 pages above. Maybe we should play a little game. Leave a comment and let me know what the similarities are and I'll choose a winner to win a $5 coupon to my store....whadya say? I guess I just like this "look". Leave a comment and I'll come back and check later this week to see what you all could find.


Rebecca said...

Well, I see the same photo of the tree on both lo's, you used acrylic numbers on both (though one is black and one is clear), you used just one frame in both lo's, and they are both about love, and, well, they both have lists. That's 5 - sorry! :) I hope I'm not missing one you were thinking of! LOL - love them!!!

Christelle said...

Ok I don't know if I have four, but you used lists for your journaling, they both only have one frame but lots of photos,and they both have acrylic numbers. Well that's only three! I'm never good at these similarities games!

Kristi8004 said...

Ok well this is what I came up with...although I feel I'm missing something obvious...
1)Palm tree photo in each LO
2)each LO has only 1 photo framed
3)each is a page about things you love
(a few of the same things include sunrise, beach and food & certain family members)
4)each one used the acrylic numbers to count your 'loves'.

RKSP said...

Two great layouts! Here's what I found:
1) You used numbered lists for journaling in both to describe things you love.
2) You numbered each photo.
3) You used a tilted frame for one photo each each layout to draw attention to that photo.
4) you used the same palm tree photo in both.
5) Some sort of swirl/squiggle in each layout, not sure what to call it (the pattern of dots in the top layout and the string and blue swirl in the bottom layout).

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

So, anyway, I just finished up a blog post where I used one of your backgrounds, lol!

but it was interesting reading about you, and btw, I LOVE bbc Pride and Prejudice... we named our rooster, "Mr. Darcy" cuz he's such a handsome rooster and so very prideful.. but loveable! and Elizabeth Bennett is so very wonderful... feisty and smart and pretty all at once. Have you taken the Jane Austen test? to find out which Heroine you are?

I turned out to be Marianne Dashwood from Sense & Sensibility.

Juli and Brett said...

It was fun reading about you Liz! I love Pride and Prejudice as well. The BBC version is my absolute favorite!

Alright, here are the similarities I see.
1. Journaling are lists
2. One framed picture
3. Acrylic numbers
4. Same palm tree picture

Andrea said...

I'm always up for a challenge, especially if it involves a chance at winning something! Here are the similarities I see: (1) Numerals in the titles, (2) numbered journalling, (3)one framed accent photo, (4) photos individually numbered as well, (5) most of the photos on the right half, with the framed photo to the right of the others, (6) acrylics used for numbering,... I'm sure there are more. Pick 4!

fdgtgrl said...

- Picture #12 in LO #1 same as picture #7 in LO #2.
- It looks like you might have use the same "alpha" just different color.
- Same subject: list of things you "love"
- Journaling style is the same in both LO
- Only one picture in each LO has a frame

Any how ... both are nice LO.

tamis3angels said...

This is a fun game. I am going to try and do it without looking at other peoples answers first. Similarities: 1.both have numbers 2.combination of scenery pics with people pics 3. solid backgrounds 4. framed picture. PS. I love Mr. Darcy.

Laura said...

Sim 1...they have multiple photos on them

Sim used lots of numbers on both

Sim 3....used love in both

Sim 4....swirly elements in both.

ckcpurple said...

I noticed you like numbered lists, using real picture frames, large squiggles, and that palm tree picture!!!!

I feel the need to mention that I would DEFINITELY choose Mac & Cheese. And there is NO QUESTION that there is no choice between Edward and Jacob. As long as Edward "exists" in Bella's world, it is Edward. Edward is also my personal choice because brains are sexier than brawn!!!! I'll pick the philosophical intellectual man every time!!!!!!!!

Oh, and while I can kill a spider, I can also let them live and not freak out about it. ;-)

Jenny said...

OK, well... you used a number alpha, you numbered your journaling, you used a string/line element with a loop in it, and you used the same palm tree photo on both pages. :) Is that right?

Rhadonda said...

Interesting. I spy with my little eye: same palm tree photo, the use of numbers, list of things you love, a special framed photo. Thanks!

Scrapping With Liz said...

Wow! You guys found soooo many more than I did. These are the 4 that I was thinking of: 1. Numbers 2. The Palm Tree Photo 3. The Frames 4. I have a pic of food in both layouts (I don't think anyone got this one ;-) So I'm going to randomly pick a winner and the winner is......fdtgrl. You'll get an e-mail soon with a $5 Coupon to my store.

Thanks for playing along everyone.

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