August 6, 2010

Make Your Own Flashcard Temps - Idea & Tips

Hello everyone! I'm here early on this wonderful Friday to show you some ideas & tips on how to use my new Flashcard Templates. If you haven't seen them yet, take a look below. There are 3 different sets and they are all super fun and pretty easy to work with to customize and make your own set of flashcards. Let me tell you, your kids are going to LOVE having flashcards with photos of things they least my kids do :-) So keep reading for some fun ideas, photos & tips on how to use these goodies.
First off let me give you the general idea on how I use these. I basically just fill in the template with some paper & photos (go here if you need a tutorial on how to use a psd template). Then I print them out, slide them into a little 4x6 album and then let my kids "trace" the letters, numbers or shapes with a dry erase marker. It's pretty much that easy. The kids think it's great fun getting to "color" on their pictures! All of my kids have used these and they all have LOVED them.

Anyway, now that you have the general idea let me show you some of the flashcards I've made and my team have made so you can get lots of ideas on how to use them.

First I'll show you Tiff's book. She scrapped a page of the book too, cool huh? She used the Preschool Flashcards as her base and then changed some things up.

Here are some tips from Tiff:
Since I was doing multiple pages all with the same basic background, I actually worked in one file and just added many layers. On the tracing pages, I dragged in the tracing letters and used guides to align them. Then when I was ready to save the jpgs, I just turned on and off the layers and saved. I did similarly for the photo pages - I had multiple papers clipped to the photo outline, and I had about 20 different pieces of tape. Again, I just had to turn off and on the layers to get the variety in the pages.

I copy and pasted part of Liz's rectangle shape to create some straight, wavy, and zig-zag practice shapes. I guess I thought he needed some more "remedial" practice before he moves onto the letters :)

I bought the album at a local drug store, and had the 4x6's printed at Costco.

Now I'm going to show you the book I made for Emmie (she's in Kindergarten). I stole Tiff's idea and made a scrapbook page of my album too.
I used the Practice Print Cards to make Emmie's. It's pretty straight forward. I just dropped my pictures into the background of each template and then edited the text to go with the pic. Photo Tip: If you are using the Practice Print Cards make sure you take pics with enough "empty" space toward the bottom of the photo for the tracing part. I printed them out and then slid them into a little .99 cent album from wal-mart. Album Tip: Make sure you buy an album that will lay flat so it's easy to write on. The front cover easily came out of the album so I made up a little title page using Suzy Q's Land of Learning kit and the dotted alpha that are on my Preschool Flashcard Temps. As you can see Emmie is loving her book and she also shared it with her little sister.

Let me show you some photos of the other albums made by my CT.

Here's Heather's spin on the Color and Shapes Flashcards. She decided to use colored elements on her flashcards and different matching alpha. Just think of all the fun you can have with those different alpha and elements you have sitting around. She also made a fun matching side to go with the flashcards.

Here's Jenny's album using the Preschool Flashcards. She decided to keep it nice and simple and just simply add an extra element for each number. She also took the numbers 0-9 that come with the album and combined them to make higher numbers.

Well, I hope this has helped you get some ideas on what you can do with these Flashcards. Ellie and Caits are still working on their sets and I can't wait to show them to you. I'll be posting again when they get theirs done. I would love to see what you can do with these. If you show me yours I'll even give you a 40% off coupon to my store! Just post a link to your photo here in the comments and I'll get back with you....and if you don't mind I might showcase them here in a later blog post!

Oh and right now if you purchase the Practice Print Cards or the Preschool Flashcards you'll get the Shapes & Colors for FREE!


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Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for these tips! I can't wait to get started on books for my twins!

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