August 18, 2010

Something for everyone!

I thought I would take you for a walk through Liz's store. I am just amazed at how it is like a one-stop shop where you can find nearly anything you could possilby want/need when it comes to templates!

Are you ready?? I know you will recognize some of these but if you are like me there might be a few that you had forgotten all about and get giddy as you see it again! Here goes....all images are linkable to her store.

Are you in the market for some DIY Flashcards?? Liz has you covered. How cute to be able to personalize a set of these for your little one or as a gift for someone else!!!

Do you have a special event like a birthday, graduation, family reunion where you have lots of pics you want to scrap on a page?? I used to be all about ONE photo per layout and now I am loving "photo series" scrapping and these Multi Photo Templates make it so easy!

Got journaling?? These are for YOU!!

Make your own BANNERS!! What a brilliant idea.....again, a wonderful way to add that personal touch to your decorations!!!

I seriously {heart} this "heart templates II" set! With room for journaling, photos & a title!!!!

Like The Gambler said "You've got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em" You won't have any problem FOLDING with this Folded Paper Template Set!

Do you have double vision? Liz seems to know what her audience wants and then delivers on it. And she did it again with this Double Template Set....for all of those 2-pager scrapbookers out there!

These Cut Out Alpha Templates are such an eye-catcher and another great way to scrap a series of photos, too!

States! I never would have thought of state templates but Liz did! Maybe you are proud of the state you live in....maybe you want to scrap about the state you one day dream of retiring to. This one just happens to be my absolute favorite state (so far....have not made it to Hawaii yet).

Sometimes bigger IS better and I love these Big Title Templates Liz created to make your title work a focal point without making it "the" focal point in your layout!

A gorgeously orchestrated background is the foundation of any layout! Clip your favorite papers to these masks and create something stunning to build upon!

Are you a Project 365 scrapper?? Fear not, Liz has your back....scrap a years' worth of photos with this 3 template set!!!

This Recipe Card Template set is perfect for creating a personalized recipe starter set for a new bride. Or what about finally getting all your grandmother's old & tattered recipes converted over to something new & fresh.

You don't need a special pair of red & blue paper glasses over your eyes to get the effects of these 3D Alpha templates!!! Make a bold statement in your next layout with this set!

See what I mean about ONE STOP SHOP?? This is just a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of her store so if you are new to Liz and her designs or maybe you are a long time follower but needed a refresher....I encourage you to just go through, page by page, and look at how amazingly versatile her templates are!!!
Happy Scrapping Everyone! ~Helen~

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