September 1, 2010

Tutorial - Turning 12x12 Templates into 8.5x11 Templates

I like to write a tutorial every once in awhile so I thought this one might help you all out with your Calendar Temps that you might be making for 2011.

On Thursday I'm coming out with a whole bunch of Calendar Templates for you in all kinds of sizes! I had thought about doing a set of my favorite 12x12 templates and turning them into 8.5x11 templates so that you could easily use them as Calendar Toppers.....but instead I thought I would show you how to turn them into your own 8.5x11 Templates. That way you can choose any template (hopefully mine ;-) and use them for your calendars. Don't worry, I did make a couple of new 8.5x11 template sets made especially for calendars if that's the way you want to go. But here's a simple tutorial to show you how to turn a 12x12 template into an 8.5x11.

I'm going to start with a 12x12 Template. I'm using the Star Shaped one from my Scrap Strip Templates. I thought it might be good for a July Calendar Topper. So the first thing I will do is rename the template so that I don't save over it. Once it's renamed then I need to go to Image>Canvas Size.

Then you'll enter your width and height. Then you'll hit okay and you'll get a pop up that will say "The new canvas size is smaller than the current canvas size; some clipping will occur." Just click proceed.

Then you'll have to adjust all the layers to fit into the size of the 8.5x11 Template. Grab all the layers except the background. An easy way to do this is click on the first layer, hold down the shift key and then scroll up and select the top layer, then all your layers (except the bottom) should be selected. Then all you have to do is resize them and move them a bit to be in the center of the template. Then you are good to go and you can finish the template like you normally would.

This will work with most templates. Some templates with stuff closer to the edges might need a little bit more adjusting.

So I hope this helps. Now you can go grab some of my 12x12 templates and make your own calendars with them. ;-) Or you might want to wait until Thursday so you can see the Calendar Temps I made!

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Jody said...

Thanks for the info. Happy to see you posting - I have missed your posts. While I do enjoy the posts from your CTs, I do miss the old days of a few posts a week from you personally.

Looking forward to seeing what you have come up with for the new calendars.

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