September 14, 2010

Life with Liz - Interruptions

It's Tuesday again and time for a little personal blog post from yours truly. Today's post is just sort of a follow up from last weeks post. If you didn't get to read it I posted a little story of my daily life and the interruptions that make it what it is. After I typed out the whole thing I realized it would make a really good scrapbook page. So I'm here to show you the page I made (it's also a little sneak peak as to what you'll see in my store on Thursday!). Anyway, I had a lot of fun making this page and it really did help me reflect on these "interruptions" and help me to see that they aren't really interruptions at all. You can read the journaling below. If you've made any pages about your "interruptions" please link me up so I can check them out.

Using a BRAND NEW template set from me that'll be in my store on Thursday.
Also used a wonderful collab from Ziska, Tracie & Ziggle called Color My World.

Here's the journaling:
I have a schedule that I try to keep to but occasionally there are interruptions to my daily schedule. It is in these interrupted moments that I find myself trusting in God more.....maybe they aren't interruptions but part of God's daily plan for my life. Proverbs 16:9
This particular day Kyla was sick and we did school in the bathroom.

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bass family said...

Looks awesome! I so identified with last week's posts. Sometimes I think we should just put "interruption" somewhere in our schedule because we know it's bound to happen! :)

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