October 26, 2010

Life with Liz - How I Scrap

Tuesday again and I thought it might be fun to show you the steps I take to scrap a digital page. The first thing I begin with are pictures. Usually I scrap chronologically and right now I'm still working on my 2009 album but sometimes I have more recent photos that I really want to scrap. So I'm going to  put my chronologically, organized self behind and scrap some photos that I just took this past weekend. Here are the pics that I've chosen.
Can't you see how I just couldn't wait to scrap this pic? I mean, come on, she's such a cutie. 
My other cutie.

Once I have the main pics picked out that I want to use then I will browse through my templates and see what might work well with the photos. I almost always use a template. I might be creative when it comes to making templates but for the life of me I can't start with just a  photo and a kit...I'm just no good at it! Anyway, back on track, I decided to use one of my new templates that I've really been wanting to try out and I think it will be fun with these photos.

Here's the template I chose it's from a new set coming out this Thursday called Lots of Strips Temps.

This template has a spot for 3 photos so I chose another pic that goes along with these series of photos. I think this one will do...kind of wish I would have had a pic of my oldest daughter wearing the glasses but I didn't, so I'm working with what I have. This one is cute with my little nephew with his finger on his mustache. It looks like he's thinking really hard.

Then, once I have my photos and templates chosen, here comes the fun part....picking out the kit I'm going to use. Usually I stick to one kit for a page and if I don't have a kit that goes with the photos then I get to do some shopping in my favorite store, Scrap Orchard, and pick out a good kit to go with these photos. Sometimes I ask for help over in the Scrap Orchard forum if I can't find just what I'm looking for. Tiff suggested this kit by Ziggle:
I know the theme doesn't really look like it would work well, but just look at those colors. They work perfectly with the pink in the photos. Plus with the template I'm using I need lots of ribbon and pretty paper....and this will work well with it. This kit doesn't come with alpha so I go ahead and grab Julie Bullocks Stainless Alpha because it looks like it would go with this kit and my page.

So I have my photos, template and I can start scrapping. I usually start by clipping my photos in the photo spots and then finding the perfect background paper, which is usually a solid...I just have a hard time making patterned paper work. Once I have my photos and paper in place then I will add more paper or elements depending on the template or whatever else it might need. In the template I'm using here it has lots of places for paper strips and ribbons, so that is what I will add next. After that is done I will add my title and journaling. Now my page is pretty much put together and just needs some tweaking with shadows and photo editing. I usually just use the shadows that are on the template but sometimes I adjust a few of them.

These are the steps I usually take to make a digi-page. What steps do usually take? Do you pick a kit or a template first that you are just dying to use or do you scrap your photos in order? Let me know in the comments and I'll choose a winner Thursday night to win the new set of templates that will be coming out on Thursday.

Here's the finished page for you.


MandaK said...

I have a very detailed list from years past of each month and all the events/photos I want to scrap from that month. I usually start by picking a kit I've been wanting to use, then scanning my list for a group of pictures that work with it...from there I either choose a template or just go crazy :D

lwentkie said...

Ah...I usually pic the photos and then the kit! I like to look at layout books or templates to give me an idea for the layout!

dtahphotography said...

I always scrap a different way each time. Sometimes I start with the BG I really like and then work from there, sometimes I decide on the picture first, other times I do the LO for 75% and then add a pic and I can go on and on and on.
When I use a temp I seem to keep to the temp a lot. I really need to try and mix up my style when using templates as well.
It's also another reason why I like speed scraps so much since I seem to expand my horizons and try stuff I have never done before.

Lynn said...

I usually have a kit I want to work with, and then find photos to match. I have lots of lots of pics I want to scrap, but I don't really care what order I do them in.

PS-that template looks FANTASTIC! Even if I don't win, I might just have to snatch them up once they're out!

Christie said...

I never scrap the same way twice! LOL It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll start with a template, sometimes a kit speaks to me and sometimes I'll come across a picture or pictures I just have to scrap!

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing, Liz! :) I scrap almost exactly like you do. I've tried different ways, but starting with the photos and finding a template to fit usually gives me the best (and quickest) results. I choose my kits based mostly on color and sometimes theme - if I need a certain element - like a bike. I rarely use the themed elements from kits, though, and stick mainly with the basics - ribbons, buttons, and stitches.

jlbailey said...

I usually pick pictures so I know how simple or busy my page will be. Then if I have a template or a kit I am dying to use, I'll choose one or the other first. If there is no real need for either, I'll probably pick the template and then the kit...

Natalie said...

I usually start with the pictures first. I figure out how many I want to use then go a find a template with that many pics. Sometimes I have a kit in mind already that I want to use and if not, I go searching. I love having an excuse to buy a new one! I love looking through the gallery for ideas also.

Jessica said...

I am a very unorganized scrapper. Sometimes I see a picture and think oh, I have to scrap that. Other times I see a kit and think, oh I love that. Sometimes it is a template. The pictures are usually the last thing I add though. Sometimes I have a CT kit, so I have to go through my photos to find one that I think works, and then I decide if I am feeling creative enough to scrap on my own, or if I need to use a template. Hmm...I think I need to figure out a way to be more organized!

Sara said...

I'm a pretty sporadic scrapper. If I take some really fun photos - I start with them first. sometimes if I see a kit I love, I will start with the kit and find pictures that work with it.
My motto is go where the inspiration leads you! :)

Juli and Brett said...

A lot of scrapping lately has been for my CT stuff. So I look at the kit and then pick pictures from there. Sometimes I will take a specific picture just so I can scrap it! I usually get an idea of what I want the page to look like so I can just go scrap it. But sometimes I need inspiration, so I look at templates from my faves (like you) and then either use one or take some inspiration from them.

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