October 6, 2010

Life with Liz - Lost

I know I'm a bit behind for Tuesday's "Life with Liz" post. But as the title suggests....I'm lost! My hubby is gone for the week and I just don't function well without him. For instance, right now I'm sitting on my laptop, late at night, all the girls are in bed and he's not here next to me to keep me awake or make me laugh....but I don't really want to go to bed and be alone. So here I am at 2 in the morning hanging on to my laptop so I won't be alone. Anyway, he helps me out so much. He does little things for me, that add up big empty the dishwasher, make beds, vacuum (He actually loves to I say go for it!) and honestly girls, (don't be jealous) I don't even ask him to do any of these things. He just does them. I know, amazing, right? Not only does he do house work he also keeps me level know, like when I have little emotional breakdowns, thinking that I can't keep homeschooling, teaching piano lessons, designing, whatever it is, he helps me think clearly. So with that being can only imagine the kind of week I'm having with him not here to help me out both physically and emotionally. So whenever you think, "That Liz, wow, she's got it all together"....think twice and you can thank my husband!

Here's a little page I made since I was thinking about him tonight. I wanted to try out something new I made that you'll guys see in my store on Thursday! I used my Simple Square Templates, Journaling Strips, Tracie Stroud's Kit Pocket full of Sunshine, and my Painted Layers(new from me on Thursday!!!). My new Painted Layers are going to be a bunch of I'll also have something else for you on Thursday that I'm super excited about too. So be sure to come back and check all the new stuff out!


jhartburnett said...

Hi Liz - I am this first comment because I am 6 hours ahead in Paris - because I followed my husband here for some of the same reasons:) Try to be happy and thankful that you have such a great relationship and let that keep you a little warm at night. Me - I need nightlights and the TV on in the house when my M is gone...take care.

LaRessie said...

You made me cry. Call me if you need to talk. We drove by your house last night because Chris' heater wouldn't work. Thought about you! :( LOVE you girl!!! See you tonight!!!

Leppy said...

Oh what a sweet comment Liz, I love it that you love your husband so much that you are lost without him. I can relate as I am the same way. Hope your week goes by fast. Love the LO!!!!

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