November 17, 2010

Life with Liz - I want to SCRAP!

I know I'm a bit late for Tuesday's regular scheduled post. Sorry! I hope you don't mind but tonight I'm just going to show you some pages I just finished. I've been in the mood to scrap. Wait, aren't I always in the mood to scrap? Well, tonight I didn't care about anything else that needed to get done (including this blog post...oops, did I say that out loud?) By golly, I wanted to scrap and nothing was going to stop me! So here are the pages I made. I had snapped some pics of my daughters raking leaves (and their reward of an ice cream bar) a couple of days ago. Don't you just love my daughter's outfit for raking? Complete with butterfly wings.

I used my Zine Style Templates and Dear Diary by Tracie Stroud and Vera Lim. I took my zine style template and duplicated and moved a few photo squares around so that I could make a double pager. I know it's very simple....but I like it. Hope you do too.


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