November 1, 2010

Scrappers Give Thanks

Just a little post here to help spread the word about Scrappers Give Thanks.

Here's a little description of what it is from the Scrappers Give Thanks site:
To participate in Scrappers Give Thanks 2010, create a 4×6 scrapbook-style mini artwork containing a message of hope, joy or laughter for a school-age child and submit it by November 24, 2010. All formats – digital, paper and hybrid – are encouraged and accepted. Please see the 2010 project details for specific instructions.

Today we are supposed to blog about why we are thankful for children. I have 3 beautiful little girls that I am VERY thankful for everyday. They can bring a smile to my worst day. They make me find joy in the simple things of a ladybug, a first loose tooth, a kitten, making cookies, building a volcano, etc... (all things we enjoyed together today!) I'm also thankful for my handful of piano students. I love seeing the joy in their face when they've mastered a song or when they finally get their little fingers to move smoothly on the piano. Or as one of my piano students just recently told me, "Wow, Miss Elizabeth, you really know how to help me play the piano!" It really makes it all worth it. I also look forward to teaching my Sunday morning and Wednesday night group of kids at church. They are a great group of kids that I'm very thankful for. They help me take joy in the simple things of God.
There are a lot of other children I'm thankful for including all my nephews and one cute little niece.
My friends' children....especially those who come and entertain my children. :-)
My best friend's little boy who was only here on this earth for 3 months. He helps me appreciate every second I have with my children on this earth even more.
My friend's little boy who has multiple disabilities but can bring joy to so many people.

So in honor of the children I'm thankful for and for all those other children out there who need a little extra love I'm helping sponsor this event in just a small way. You can go here to see the sponsor list and also see some of the great giveaways they will be doing on Nov. 25th.

So will you help Give Thanks for kids?

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