December 7, 2010

Life with Liz - Christmas Newsletter & Advent Calendar

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm here today to just give you a quick peek at my annual "Christmas Newsletter" that I send out every year to family and friends (they haven't even seen it yet!) and then my updated Advent Calendar Page.

Here's my newsletter that I made up and I used my handy-dandy Christmas Newsletter Templates that I just released in the store this week and you can still grab them at 20% off! I also used a fabulous kit from Vera Lim called Be Merry. Actually it's the same one I used in my Advent Calendar Challenge Page that you'll see below. 
Now, you can call me cheap (although I prefer thrifty or maybe even "going green") The past few years I've been posting my newsletter on my personal facebook page and tagging everyone who I normally would send a Christmas card to. It does save money, time & paper!...I do still print & send it out to those few people who don't use facebook. Sorry to all you folks who like to hold something in your hand.
Here are the Christmas Newsletter Templates that I used.
I also just wanted to show you my updated Advent Calendar Page. It's been 6 days now and I've been good and taken a picture every day of something special we've done to celebrate the Christmas season.
Here's the journaling I've added on page 2. I figured I would just show you the journaling, it's a bit easier to read on the blog then if I post the actual page.
1. We started Dec. 1 by beginning to read “Rediscoving the Christmas Season” reading plan for the month of Dec. A passage each day until Christmas.
2. Each year we have the cousins over to decorate gingerbread houses. We did this on day 2. I didn’t think our gingerbread houses were that pretty but my daughter said they were beautiful!
3. Each year in our little town they have “Winter Wonderland.” It’s fun to walk down main street and visit the shops, get cookies and hot cider and see all the pretty decorations.
4. Today was the day to decorate our tree and put out our manger scene. I pretty much let the girls decorate the tree on their own this year....I just snapped photos.
5. We went and saw the Nutcracker. We’ve been studying it in school and some of our good friends were in it. The girls enjoyed seeing Nathan and Michelle do the Spanish Chocolate dance.
6. A friend gave the girls little advent gifts that they get to open each day of Dec. leading up to Christmas. Here’s a picture of Kyla opening up day 6. Today’s little gift were snowmen pin.

I'm having a lot of fun with this and I'll hope you join me with this challenge. It's not too late to begin. You could take photos around your house of different things you do to celebrate Christmas. It wouldn't necessarily be on the actual day. Just go here to read about it!

If you already have joined me I hope you are having as much fun as me!

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