January 4, 2011

Life with Liz - Past Goals & New Goals

So have you made a list of goals or resolutions yet? I think scrapping them is a great thing. 1. It gives you something fun to scrap. 2. If you write out your resolutions you'll have something to look back on during the year. 3. You can see how your scrapping style changes from each year. 4. You can compare each years resolutions easily and see where you've done well and see where you need to improve.

I thought I would take this weeks post and review last years "goals" and show you my new list of goals.
As I read last years goals I realized that a lot of them I want to continue into the new year and some of them I need to work on again for next year and then there are few new ones that I added to my list. You can read the entire list below.

I used my super fun Frame Templates and a kit from Faith True that I just couldn't wait to use when I saw it in the store, it's called Purely Rosey and True.

2011 Goals
(in no particular order)

1. To continue #1,4 & 6 from last year.
(Is it a resolution if I’m just continuting it from last year?)
2. Run a 1/2 marathon
3. Work on resolutions 2,3 & 5 from 2010.
(because there were days where I definitely didn’t accomplish these goals)
4. Use coupons & follow sale ads more closely.
(be a better steward of my money)
5. Be a better friend.
(call my friends & pray for my friends)
6. Fly in a big airplane & go to VEGAS!
(Okay, this might not really be a “goal” because it’s just something I’m doing
but it’s 2 things I’ve NEVER done and it’s a little scary!)
7. Try to be content but not complacent.
8. To drink more water.
(I used to be a big water drinker but for some reason
have started drinking a lot of diet soda and coffe lately.....
hmmm, maybe it’s all these late nights scrapping!)
9. Become a better photographer and learn how to edit photos.
(hopefully take a class)
10. Learn how to use my new Wacom Tablet.

And I dug up last years page for you.
I used my Goal Templates to make this page. The background paper, butterfly and butterfly paper are from the awakening collab kit at Cat Scrap, Alpha is from the Bombay Flower kit from Amy Hutchinson, and the Glitter is from Mag designs, Chillin' Out kit from Shabby Pickle.

If you've made a new years resolution page I would love to see it. Go ahead and leave a comment here. :-)

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