February 8, 2011

Life with Liz - 2010 Album and Favorite Pages

Happy Tuesday everyone! First off I want to mention the winner from last weeks blog post comments. It was Lori (Iwentkie). She won my new Recipe Book Temps that came out last week. Now I'll announce the winner from Tuesday's Template's Kristi (SMK Designs), she won $5 to my store! Congrats to both of you girls!

Now you all have another chance to win today....just be sure to read through this post and comment below!

I just recently got my 2010 Album pages printed along with all the other pages I scrapped in 2010 and I thought I would show you my finished book plus some of my favorite pages from the book. I just LOVE getting my digi-pages printed, especially from Persnickety Prints ;-) They are the best!

Here's the album itself. *sigh* I just love to see a finished album.

My goal here was to give you an inside shot of the album with the pages all fanned out.....well, I'm not that great of a photographer as you can see....still working on those skillz. *Take note of my framed silhouettes in the background you'll see them on a scrapbook page coming up.
I just loved looking through my finished album and it reminded me of a few of my favorite layouts....I thought I would share my favorites with you, if you don't mind.

I just love this 2's one of my all time faves! Love all the photos with the papers framing them. If you would like to see the digi-image of these just click here to look at them in my gallery. 
Here's another one of my faves. Guess I like 2 pagers, huh? I think I just really like seeing the printed & side by side in an album. Go here if you would like to see this one my gallery too. 
I really LOVE both of these pages of my girls and even though it isn't a double pager it still looks pretty good side by side. Go here to see the left side and go here to see the right side. 
I don't know why but I loved this page when I scrapped it and especially loved it when I saw it printed out.
Go here to see this one in my gallery.
This one too! I think it's the picture that does it for me in this one. Plus the little flag banner looked pretty fabulous printed out. Go here to see this one in my gallery.
And I think this one takes the cake for my all time faves of 2010.  This layout really challenged me but I think it turned out fabulous and it just looks wonderful printed. Go here to see this one in my gallery. 
Here's a close up picture of my framed silhouettes on my wall. I actually made these first and then decided they would look cool on a digi-page. So I took the .jpg's of the silhouettes and put them on a 12x12 digi-page and added some digital frames & elements for the finished scrapbook page. 

So here's what I want you to do this week for know, for a chance to win my products that will be coming out on Thursday! Link me up to your favorite page of 2010 and tell me why it's your favorite. I'll be back tomorrow night to read the comments and see your wonderful layouts and then I'll announce the winner on my facebook fan page.

Oh and you are probably wondering what my new products are....well, no sneaky peek today but I will mention that there are 2 new products coming out. A double template & some CU borders! Fun Stuff! You'll get both if you win!


SMK designs said...

Oh thank you Thank You, I just adore your products Liz!!! LOVE your pages and your new book!!

Christelle said...

After some debating I decided that this is my favourite LO of 2010:

I like it because I got the blended photo just to my liking, and created the wordart myself. I also feel that I manage to capture the atmosphere of Keukenhof!

Love your temps, can't wait to see the new ones!

Tiffany said...

Hey Liz, what kind of post bound album did you use (it's so beautiful) and how many pages are in it?

lwentkie said...

Awesome album - Love Persnickity - my order from them was just shipped! I looked through my layouts and actually one of my favorites was one I did with your template. I even had it made into a cool desktop plaque from Shutterfly.

Scrappin Gramma said...

oh this is a fun challenge
I found some awesome LO's
but I kept going back to this one
can't wait for the reveal

Rebecca said...

Just one?!??!!! OK, here's a favorite for sure:

I like it because the actions I used worked REALLY well with the kit I used. I created this using a "recipe" for a page (3 papers, 1 photo, something shiny, etc.) but not a template, so it's really my own design. :)

I also LOVE this photo, love the people in it, love being reminded of this great day.

Jenn (jk703) said...

Love the book Liz... Thanks for the chance!

Here is Page 1 of my favorite 2010 layouts... Page 2 is also in my gallery - I scrap doubles!)

Jen said...

Oh goodness, I can't choose, lol. I had such a great scrapping year, I fell in love with too many of them, lol. Hmm... Okay, it's a tuff choice, but I guess I'll go with this one:

I love it for so many reasons. First - it was a redo of a challenge layout. I really didn't like the original, and instead of just letting the layout sit, I redid it within a week (I'm a procrastinator, lol - so that's a big deal for me).

On top of that - the photos are dear to me. It was our first camping trip with our kids. And it was really the first time both boys got to go on a nature hike and see all sorts of wonders (namely frogs, lol - they were EVERYWHERE!). Also - because I decided to keep close to the original layout - it helped the layout unfold the way it did (I don't think I would have ever designed the page the way I did if it weren't for the original challenge). So, not only does the story hold some awesome memories, but so does the creative process that was involved in making the layout :)

Okay, I'll hush now, lol. Thank you SO much for the chance to win!! :D XOXO!

Hillary said...

Thanks for the chance to win your new temps!

Ok I think that my favorite LO from 2010 is this one: I love it because well first off this pic of my little niece just captures the wonder and happiness in her eyes. I love that you can see her hair clip and it matches the LO perfectly, oh and the hearts with her they just make my heart melt. I could stare at this LO for hours.

roxanamdm said...

Your book is amazing! Fun challenge this one, if I have to choose one page I think I´ll go for this one: Love it because the photo is so spontaneous and this kit was perfect for it! This is the right side of a 2 pager too!! Thanks for the chance!!

Dolores said...
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Dolores said...

I'd love to know the brand of your album, nicely lies flat.

Here's one of my's hard to pick, but I like the simplicity and the blend really helped create a fun page.

Thanks for the chance! :D

Jessica Edwards said...

I didn't get a chance to scrap much in 2010, I'm making up for that now! But this is my favorite layout of 2010. I just love the way the pictures look.

Thanks for the change to win!

Sarah said...

It's fun to see your favorite pages of 2010, Liz!

This one is my favorite from 2010. It captures such a sweet slice of life at our house.

Athena Gray said...
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Athena Gray said...

I love seeing the printed books. I just got my first one and I to say it turned out better than expected.

Some of my favorites from 2010

I love the one's of my DD and her best friend because we had such a great day in the park taking those pictures.

I love the ones about me cause I hardly ever do them and it is nice to have those memories for the future.

Serenyd said...

Here is my 2010 year in review Great book and thanks for the chance to win!

cabdab said...
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cabdab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cabdab said...

Here is one of my favorites from 2010. I like it because it is one of my first digial scrapbook pages plus I love the colors of the sunset.

Scrapping With Liz said...

I almost went to bed without choosing a winner....and then I got sidetracked by all of your beautiful pages! I just loved looking at them, it is hard to choose just one!

Okay, tonight's winner is Jen (with one N) Congrats, you won the 2 new products that were just released. I'll be sending you a PM soon. :-)

Thanks everyone for sharing!
They'll be another chance to win next week!!!

Kait said...

Your pages are wonderful! What type of scrapbook do you have your pages in?
Thank you.

Scrapping With Liz said...

Oh and I forgot to let you all know that I bought an album from Wal-mart of all places!!! It's the only place around here that I can get any scrapbook supplies. I loved the color of it and it does look pretty far as the quality, I don't that it will last forever, but I can always replace the album and just put the pages in a new was only $10 after all!

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