May 29, 2011

4x6 Postcards and Invites

Tiffany here, and I want to share with you some simple cards and invites for mailing.  I recently discovered that a 4x6 inch print is just within the size limits to be mailed by the USPS without an envelope, with a postcard stamp.  This is so convenient for me - I don't have to keep small envelopes on hand for mailing small cards, and it also reduces waste.

I have my prints made at Costco - I upload online, and they are usually ready to pick up at my local warehouse in about an hour.  They do have a little bit of text on the back of the print, but the placement of it nicely divides the back of the card into a message area and an address area - just like a traditional travel postcard.

Here is an invite I recently made.

A Little Variety Card Templates by Scrapping with Liz; Swoon by Laurie Ann;
Sweet & Simple Kits by Gina Marie Huff; Cardstock by SuzyQ Scraps
This Little Piggy by Kristin Aagard; SO Lil Dreamer font by Irene Aleexeva

And here is the back.  Right in the middle you can see two faint lines of text (running vertically in this picture) - that's what Costco prints on the back.  Since all the invitation info was on the front of the card, my sister did not need to add a message on the back - she just wrote in the delivery address on the right.

I've also sent a postcard thank you note in the mail without envelope.
A Little Variety Card Templates by Scrapping with Liz; Sweet & Simple Kits #
4 and 5 by Gina Marie Huff; Spring Fever by Jazzmin Designs

And here is the back, with the message area filled in with my note of thanks.

In both of the examples above, my sister and I used first class stamps, although that wasn't necessary.  They really only require a post card stamp.

Most of Liz's card templates are sized at 5x7, which is a different aspect ratio than 4x6, although they are close.  When you order a 4x6 print from a 5x7 image, Costco's software will automatically crop the image to 4x6 for you (although you can also crop it yourself on their site).  The automatic cropping trims a small amount along the long edges of the card.  The pic below shows how much - the shaded areas at top and bottom are cropped to create the 4x6 ratio.  And the whole image is sized down to 4x6 inches.

For most cards, this auto cropping of the 5x7 into a 4x6 will probably be ok, but if you have any text really close to the edges, you may want to crop it yourself before uploading your jpg. On my niece's birthday invitation, I wanted a uniform border all the way around, so I oversized my canvas a little, and when I was done with my card, I cropped it at 4x6 myself.  For the thank you note, I let Costco auto-crop it.

Here are some of Liz's card templates available in the Scrap Orchard Market

A Little Variety Card Templates

Spring Card Temps

Fun Card Temps
4x6 and 5x7 Card Templates

Small 4x6 cards are a great size for birthday and other party invites, and I could even see them used as an informal save-the-date type announcement. Plus, Liz just makes amazing card templates.  I personally prefer cards without a photo, and I can always find one of her templates to match what I have in mind. If you have a party coming up, I hope you will find this post useful, and don't forget that just a couple weeks ago, Liz placed several hybrid party projects in her shop.  Happy party planning!

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Suzanne said...

I LOVE this idea!! It's great how when you're trying to figure out how to do something and then at just the right moment, inspiration hits you. This blog post was that inspiration for me! :) Thanks!

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