May 17, 2011

Baby Shower & Hybrid

You know how I said I made those new hybrid temps just for me? Well, I REALLY did and I'm going to show you what I made with most them (besides the chore temps, which I'll show you in another post). I threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and I made the Hybrid Party Tag TempsThe Bingo Temps and the Mini Hybrid Banner Temps all so that I could make stuff for the shower. What better way to customize a baby shower and make it unique then to use some of those cute baby kits you can find all around digi-land? So that is what I wanted to do. The first thing I did was plan a theme. I decided to go with 2 Peas in a Pod (she's having twin girls!). So the first place I went was to Scrap Orchard to see if I could find a cute kit to go with my theme. I found this one from Lyndsay Riches and Laura Banasiak (aren't those peas just adorable?):

But I wanted a lot of pink because my friend has 5 boys and 1 I thought with her having twin girls she needed a LOT of pink. So I found this kit by SuzyQ which has a LOT of pink....a perfect combo with the peas.

Then I made invitations. I didn't use or make a template because I wanted it to be pretty simple.
It's edited for privacy.

Then I commissioned my sister to make a cake for me because she's awesome and can do almost anything you want! Plus they always taste super yummy! I know we are in a small town in Western North Carolina but if you want to "like" her on facebook you can see all of her wonderful creations and get some inspiration....or if you live close by I'm sure she would love to do a cake for you! She's Creative Confections by Amanda. Anyway, look at this cake she made! Isn't it adorable?

And here's the top. All edible in fondant!
Once I had that all figured out I needed some games to play and that's where the Bingo Templates came in. I researched baby shower games and Baby Bingo came up. So I thought I could make up a template and just make my own game. I made the template and then decorated it with cute little digi-elements and pink and green paper (notice the 2 little peas in the middle for the free spot?). For each bingo card I just switched the elements around saved the JPG and then printed them out. At first I thought it was going to be a lot of work but once I got the initial bingo card done it was super easy just switching around the elements and saving the JPG'S. Plus it's a super unique game that you can make for any party. For this particular game I had everyone take a card and then when the guest of honor opened her gifts everyone would mark off the item that she opened. I really wanted to have green m&m's or jellybeans to be the markers for the cards but I forgot that minor detail when I went shopping to get stuff....and I ran out of time to go shopping again. Either way it was a fun game (although nobody really wanted to mark on the pretty bingo sheet!).

Then it was time to plan a few decorations and that's where the mini-hybrid templates came in. Now I do have a full-size set of banner templates in my store but I wanted something smaller and something that I could print on one sheet of paper from my home printer. The party was originally going to be in my home so I didn't really want to overdo it with a big banner. So I thought a cute little banner would be fun. So of course I made a template for it and then clipped some of those pretty pink papers to it, printed it out and the used hot glue to glue the green ribbon to it.

You can see them here in the background. Aren't they cute? And look at all that yummy food. Oh and I must add that I had some great friends help me out with the food. I didn't have to do a single thing with food!
Then I made those Hybrid Party Tag Templates to use on one of the tables. You could also use them for food labels or water bottle labels....well for anything really. I didn't go too crazy. I just made two little signs that I framed. Here's one of them. You see that cute little scrapbook on the right with the 2 peas on the window? I found the pink book at Hobby Lobby. Oh and I must say that I first discovered hobby lobby when I was shopping for this baby shower! My life will never be the same. LOL. It is over 1.5 hours away so I won't be going there too hubby is thankful for that. Anyway, back to the pink book. I took and printed a pic of the 2 peas and put it in the front of the book and then I had everyone write an encouraging note to our friend and then later I added pics from the baby shower to it.  Now back to the tags (man am I getting sidetracked). I digi-decorated one of the tags (with the kits above), printed it up, put it in the frame and set it next to the book. I also decorated another one to put next to the party favors I had for everyone.

Now that's it with the digi-stuff I used but I thought I would show you some of the other things I did. I made these cute vases with little green candies. I thought they looked like little peas. Everyone who won a game got to take home a vase. You can see the bingo games in the background.

Then I made a banner out of baby clothes. It was cute and useful.

Sorry for the ultra long blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading it and got some party #1 tip...get people to make the food so that you can do the fun part!


scrapsara said...

super cute stuff you made! i love hobby lobby too! very addictive place. the closest one to me is about 1.5 away too (i'm in SW virginia), which my DH is also thankful for :)

Mendy said...

ALL of it is soooo cute. I love reading all of it and seeing all your decorations. Gotta go check out those cute kits now. Thanks for sharing.

Kristi a.k.a. Kristi8004 said...

Liz! That's some seriously adorable digi/hybrid/creating you did!!!
And that cake is freakin' awesome!!!
Gorgeous party and I bet your friend LOVED it!!!

meierboy97 said...

Oh my gosh I love all the stuff you is hoping someone I know has a baby soon so I can be a total copy cat and make all these gorgeous things. You never cease to amaze me Liz <3


Ellie said...

WOW Liz!!! You are sooooo creative!! Absolutely love what you did! Now I need one of my friends to get pregnant so I can do a baby shower like yours lol!!

naz said...

I have just read your post, what a truly delight it was to actually see all this. I don;t do hybrid but these are too cute, I may have to actually have a go! Thx for the inspiration xx

Scarlet 357 said...

See my WOW! comment under the giveaway heading. Sorry ,I posted it in the wrong place. The party was fantastic!

Sara said...

I just love all the little details, like the peas in the vase & baby clothes on pegs as a banner - the invites & banners are perfect! Just all wonderful ideas - your friend must have been over the moon!

theborgerfamily said...

I linked to this from my blog! How I LOVED that cake! So adorable. One of my friends from PA was really intrigues with the digi-scrapbooking. :)

It was a gorgeous party and I loved everything about it! :)

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