June 28, 2011

Birthday Time!

This past week we celebrated my baby's 4th birthday! *sniff sniff* As I was scrapbooking a page about the special birthday girl and party I began thinking about the birthday pages I've made over the past few years. So I dug through my EHD and found some of the birthday pages I've scrapped over the last 3 years. Wow! It brought back lots of fun memories.....and maybe a few cringes as I looked at some of my first digital scrapbook pages.

I thought I would share some of them with you. The first one I'm going to show you is the one I just made. I wanted to show you one of my more recent pages before you see some of my older ones. I'm afraid if I showed you my older ones first you might not even bother scrolling through my pages!

So here's the one from this weekend. I made a double pager because I had lots of photos. I'm actually working on another double pager with more pics but I'll have to show that one to you later. Not quite done with it. You can see the first page, 2nd page and then it all put together.

Double Album Templates II - By Me
Birthday Boy - By Faith True
Perfect Summer - Designs by Kat
Now this one is of my baby girl on her 1st birthday. I made this page just a few months after I started you'll have to forgive me. I was really into using big photos on my pages. That was one thing that drew me to digi-scrapping. I made this a double pager too....I love double pagers.
I honestly can't tell you if I used a kit for this page. I know I did make a template based on this page......a LONG time ago.
This is a birthday page I made for my hubby on his 30th birthday. I still kind of like this page.
And again I don't know what kit I used to make this page. I know I made number templates like this but they are no longer available. But I do have lots of other alpha and number templates available in my store.
Here's a birthday page I made to celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday (who will be 9 in a few months!).
I, again, don't know what kit I used for this one. It's been 3 years!

Here's a recap page I made to celebrate my middle daughter's 5th birthday. I just love seeing all those pics from her birth to her current age. And as you can see I'm improving on my digi-scrapping skills just a bit.
I used my Cut Out Number Templates and a kit from Zoe Pearn called Chasing Rainbows.

Here's a page I made last year after celebrating me and my brother's 30th birthday!
I used my Scrap Strip Templates and a kit from Tracie Stoud called Pocket Full of Sunshine.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my old scrapbook pages as much as I did.

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Kristi a.k.a. Kristi8004 said...

I loved looking at all the older pages. I do that too (and I also cringe at my older pages,LOL).

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