June 21, 2011

Scrapping Things

Happy Tuesday! I'm just here with a quick blog post to remind you to scrapbook about things. You know, the things you want to remember. Not people or places, but things. Here's a recent scrapbook page I scrapped about our first couch. We had this couch for 12 years and just recently gave it to my little sis who needed something to sit on in her apartment. It holds a lot of memories for me so I didn't want to forget it.
I used Happy When Skies are Grey by Laura Banasiak & Jenn Barrette
and Simple Square Templates by me.

Here's the journaling if you are interested:
Our first couch. We bought it shortly after we were married. It carries lots of memories with it.....hangin’ with our CCF friends in Orlando. Moving to Jacksonville and living in our first home. Making lots of new friends in Jax. Holding each of our girls after bringing them home from the hospital....lots of spit up, sleepless nights and snuggles were had on our 1st couch. Then making the move to North Carolina and saying goodbye once again to our friends. Now it’s time to say goodbye to our first couch. Passing it on to my sister who needs a couch for her apartment. 12 years of GREAT memories.

So here's a random list of things you might want to scrapbook about:

favorite book
earrings (this is on my list of things to scrapbook)
rooms in your home
favorite drink

Now go scrap some things!

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