August 16, 2011

More Hybrid - Banners, Tags & Charts

I've made a few digital scrapbooking/hybrid projects this summer and I thought it was about time I showed them to you. Even my creative team member, Helen, made a really cute banner that I'm going to show you.

So I'm just going to begin, first with some hybrid tags I made for Father's Day. My sis made the cupcakes ('cause that's what she does) and I made the tags. I thought it turned out super cute and they were super easy to make. Look at the digi-shadows on the tags! I just love how digi stuff can look three dimensional.

This is what I used to make them and I just grabbed some digi-paper to clip to the layers, printed them out, cut them, punched a hole in the corner and tied a ribbon through them. Super easy, the way I like hybrid!

Now I'll show you what Helen made. She made this banner:

Using this product.
Didn't her banner turn out cute? I love how you can use these to have a personalized banner.

Now onto a more recent project that I made.
I  made some school charts toward the end of last year with these:

I updated them a bit for the beginning of this year. I searched around for a post about the older charts but I can't seem to find it....maybe I never actually did a post with them. It's quite possible! Sometimes my digi-projects sit in folders just waiting to be blog posts and then they get lost somewhere!

Anyway, here are the updated version that we are using this year. I printed them out and put them in page protectors so the girls could mark off the things they did each day and then we could erase them and start fresh the next week. Just a note for people who might be scrutinizing my schedule (LOL!) and seeing that history, science, art, etc... is missing. Don't worry! These are individual schedules for the girls. We do several subjects together as a group. Oh and if you are interested, Ashlyn is in 4th grade this year and Emmie is in 1st grade. So naturally, Emmis has a lot less "seatwork" then Ashlyn.

Here's a close up of what it looks like.

These were their printed out schedules from last year. I'm doing this blog post late at night and realized that I never took pics of the new charts in their page protectors and to be perfectly honest, I'm too lazy to get up and go take a picture for you. So this is going to have to do to give you an idea of how it looks printed out and in the page protectors.

My girls had a lot of fun helping me "decorate" their charts with digi-supplies. Ashlyn wanted purple and Emmie wanted pink. I went straight to SuzyQ's store because I knew she had these wonderful kits that were monochromatic. Here's the collection but you can also purchase the kits individually.

I hope some of these projects have inspired you to try some easy hybrid.


Jen_Jake'smom said...

hey! just got the Daily Digi email - thanks for the great template!!!!

- jen

White rabbit said...

Great Templates! Love it! I also love to make calendars! Here you can see!
Waiting for a visit!

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