September 6, 2011

My Pinterest Projects

If you've never heard of Pinterest it's about time you did! It's a great place to get inspiration for everything from organization, recipes, decorating projects, personal style, kid projects, hair styles, scrapbooking, and the list goes on! Steph over at the Daily Digi did a great post on describing Pinterest. I'll let you read that if you aren't sure what it is but right now I want to show you some of the projects I've done this summer inspired by things I found on pinterest.

Here's the first one:
I saw a this painted stenciled wall on pinterest & 'pinned' it to my 'Home Ideas' board. I knew I wanted a painted stenciled wall somewhere in my house but I wasn't sure where. After thinking about it for a couple of months & realizing that there was NO WAY my hubby would let me paint that pattern in our living room I decided to try a small wall in the my girls' bedroom. After I convinced my hubby that I wasn't crazy for wanting to stencil & paint that pattern on the wall I started the only took me a week to complete it (can you sense the sarcasm)! I was a little nervous about it, wondering if it would look horrible & thinking that I was going to have to repaint the wall, but I think it turned out looking really good. What's best of all is that my girls LOVE it! Go on over to Trial & Style to see where the idea originally came from & to get instructions on how to do it....if you are crazy enough!

Here's the next project:
Hanging Book Display

My littlest girl was feeling a little left out after I had repainted the older girls' bedroom so I wanted to do something special for her in her bedroom. She has a stack of books she likes to look through every night & so I thought it might be nice for her to have a bookshelf right next to her bed. So what did I do? I went to pinterest and searched for 'bookshelves' & I found a tutorial for a hanging book display. It was perfect for her bedroom & cute! I let my daughter pick out some fabric (with a little guidance from me), had my mom sew it for me (since I don't sew, AT ALL) & then I went to our local hardware store & bought the rest of the supplies. It cost me less the $10 for the whole bookshelf. You can go to Penny Carnival to get the full tutorial on how to make it.

And so that project led to this project:
I loved the bookshelf that I made for my youngest daughter's room that I thought it would be cool for my older girls to have their own bookshelves by their beds too. I didn't really pick out one 'pin' for this project. I just searched for bookshelves & saw the different images & told my hubby what I wanted & he figured it out! So I can't really give you specifics on this project but I'm sure if you went to pinterest & searched you could find a specific tutorial to show you how to make it. Anyway, I love the idea of them each having their own little space where they can put their books, cards, papers, journals, etc...

Another thing that pinterest has is ideas for hair styles. I kept seeing these beautiful, different french braids being 'pinned' by my friends. So I knew I was going to have to try some of these on my girls (and eventually myself, if I can figure out how to braid my own hair!) This is my first attempt at the waterfall french braid on my oldest daughter....I still need a little bit of practice. I discovered this blog: The Story of A Princess & Her Hair during my pinterest searching for french braids. I think my girls are going to become my new test subjects. I don't think they will mind too much. :)

You can also find awesome recipes on pinterest. Here are a few that I've pinned and actually tried. I don't have any pictures of these myself because I forgot to take pics as I was cooking & baking. So I'm just going to show you the pics that I have 'pinned' on my 'Recipe board'. The pics are linked so you can go to the different blogs to find the recipes.

Yum!!! These were REALLY good. I mean, hello, cheesecake & cookie dough, you can't go wrong there.
The only thing about these is that you need to make them a day ahead of time.

These were delicious and so easy!

So now you know my newest favorite thing.
So if you aren't on pinterest yet go get a friend to invite you, now!
& Feel free to follow my boards if you want to.
Happy pinning!


Lulutoo said...

Great ideas, thanks! We're definitely going to try those tortilla wraps for dinner tonight. :)

LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) said...

Hi Liz, I just recently pinned that fabric hanging bookshelf (to make for my nephew). I love Pinterest, got so many cool ideas from it. I'm off to follow you there, Hugs!

Bonnie said...

I love Pinterest too. I also love your scrapbooking style. I have purchased several of your templates and absolutely love creating with them. I'd like to feature you on my blog, if you don't mind. I'm going to be doing a weekly blog post,called Inspiration Point in which I feature blogs that I love.

Scrapping With Liz said...

Lulutoo-Did you try them, weren't they yummy & pretty easy.

Ava-J - I'm following you now too!

Bonnie-That would be fabulous!

liz2 said...

OMG those chocolate chip cheesecake bars sound SO sinful & fattening - I'm almost too afraid to make them!

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