December 9, 2011

Recyclables 8

Fresh in the Market is Recyclables 8. This set contains seven digital scrapbook templates that were recent freebies on the blog, newsletter, Facebook or at Scrap Orchard.  There is a variety of full page design and white space; some have a very blocked arrangement and some are more freestyle.  There are plenty of fun paper strips, and one design has custom wavy text paths.

Recyclables are a great way to sample a variety of Liz's templates for a great price.  And if you get them in the first week, you save even more - these are 20% off through 12/15.  Newsletter subscribers often receive a special code for even more savings, so be sure to subscribe for future savings.

Recyclables 8

The team had a blast with these ones - here are just a few of the layouts they made.

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