January 4, 2012


It's the beginning of a new year so I know must of us are trying to accomplish new goals and challenges. The last few weeks I've been trying to decide what kind of scrapping challenges I wanted to make for myself. I've seen a few ideas floating around and I thought I would share them with you. You may already know about some of these and some of them might be new to you.

Project 365 - In this challenge you take a photo every day. And for some people they try to scrap those daily photos on to a weekly scrapbook page. I really do have such a hard time remembering to take photos every day (believe me, I've tried!)  that I think this challenge would almost be impossible for me. So rather then sweat it I'm going to pass yet again on this challenge. But if it is something you are interested in there are a lot of different products and places that can offer you inspiration. We even have a Project365 category over at Scrap Orchard. Also be sure to check out Katrina Kennedy's blog she has some GREAT ideas for daily photos. After reading her lists I ALMOST want to do this project.

Project 52 - In this challenge you try to scrap a page each week of the year. Some incorporate it in with their 365 project but it doesn't have to be a page with photos from that week. It can be a journaling page, a single photo of a meaningful object, it could be a weekly photo of the same person (watching them grow and change), etc... You can make this almost anything you want it to be. I think the main focus here is documenting/scrapping something every week. Something that you really want to remember, something that is important to you, photos that are important to you. So if this project interests you then find a place to get plugged in.

Project 12 - A lot like Project 52 only you scrapbook a page a month. Hmmmm, this sounds more down my ally. Not because I only want to scrap 1 page a month but because it actually seems doable!

Project Love, Me by Suzy Q Scraps - Last year Suzy Q and Kami from Ziggle Designs started Project Love, Me. It's one way to do Project 52. There are weekly journaling prompts focused more on you and the experiences and things that have made you who you are that you want to pass on to future generations. This year's format is going to be a little different. Suzy is offering a class to help you along with your pages. It sounds really great. So go on over to the Project Love, Me blog to read more about it and see if it's something that interests you.

One Little Word by Ali Edwards. This challenge revolves around a word you focus on during the year. You incorporate it into your life and then that will also reflect in your scrapbooking. I've seen a lot of my facebook friends posting their words for 2012. I've thought about whether or not I want to do this. I think I do. I've been thinking a lot more about my scrapbooking business, the pages I create, they way I live life with my family and I think I want my word to be purpose. Since my time is valuable in God's eyes and in my family's eyes I want every second to be lived on purpose. The time I spend designing, blogging, homeschooling, hugging, cleaning, laundering, cooking, reading, tv watching, facebooking (LOL!), etc... I want it all to be done on purpose. Basically, I don't want to waste my time. In every aspect of my life I'm going to ask myself, "Why am I doing this, what is the purpose?" and if I don't have a good answer then I think it might have to go.

Project Life by Becky Higgins. In this project you are documenting your photos in a simple and easy format. You can do a more traditional approach where you slide your photos and journaling mats into specially designed page protectors or you can even go with her digital versions. I love the focus on the journaling and photos in this project. It looks like an easy way to get your photos organized and documented. So if you are feeling the need to simply get those photos documented this is a great challenge for you.

A Week in the Life by Ali Edwards. This is a seven day documentary project. Out of all the projects out there this is the one I really want to try in 2012. It's a way to capture your every day life....the simple/mundane/normal things of your life that make your life what it is. I just think this is something I could pass down to my children and say THIS is how we lived our life day to day. I know I could probably choose any week of 2012 to do this project but I think I'm going to keep an eye on Ali's blog to see when she might do hers this year. I'll let you know when I do this project.

MY PERSONAL GOAL - Now to tell you (besides the one little word & a week in the life) what my monthly scrapping goals are. Since I REALLY want to get my 2011 album done before the end of 2012, I have decided that each month this year I will scrap my photos from the same month but from last year. So my goal this month is to scrapbook my most treasured January 2011 photos. Along with that I'm going to try to scrap at least a page or two of current photos....but my main focus will be working on 2011 photos. I'm going to share my monthly pages with your at the end of each will give me some accountability! I also want to work on my recipe book. I started it last year & told you all that I wanted to print a nice recipe book at the end of the, that never happened. I have been diligent in taking photos of the girls & I cooking different things but I haven't been so great about making recipe pages with them. So my monthly goal for my recipe book is to scrap a recipe from last year & then scrap a recipe that we made this year. That's 2 recipes a month. I think that is doable.

When you are thinking about what scrapping goals you have this year make sure that whatever you decide to do is doable. Don't go on some crazy crash course diet where you'll be burnt out in a week or two. Choose to do something that will challenge you but that won't stress you out. Do something that is fun and purposeful (see - it's my word).


Wendy said...

LOve your idea about going back to the month we are in now but 2011 and scrapping those photos to finish out 2011...I think that might work for me too. I've scrapped a few pages from January of last year but not all I wanted. Thanks for the ideas and the inspiration!

Dalis said...

Sounds doable.... your goal!

My goal was to make your template challenge every month... I am hoping that you are going to keep challenging us w/ a template each month.

== dalis

Scrapping With Liz said...

Oh no Dalis! I don't know if I'm going to continue it. I do have a template challenge that runs once a month at Scrap Orchard. Plus there is a monthly template you can get from me on Scrap Orchard's blog.

You are welcome Wendy!

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