January 25, 2012

Wall Art Know How

Last week I did a little blog post about how I made a digital scrapbook page and turned it into a faux canvas print.


I promised a little tutorial on how to make that framed wall art. So that's what I'm going to show you today.

Normally I would have made the wall art in photoshop with digital scrapbook paper but since my printer was running out of ink, I decided to buy some traditional scrapbook paper. Call me cheap and lazy. I didn't really want to switch out my ink cartridge but in reality it probably would have been easier to just make the wall art digitally and print it scissors or gluing. Sometimes I don't make sense.

Okay back to the tutorial.
So I bought my paper and I already had my frames. I'd been collecting them over the past couple months because I kind of had an idea of what I wanted to do. So every time I saw a frame I liked, I would purchase it. Okay, maybe not EVERY time I saw a frame I liked because, I'll admit, I love frames. I would have had a million frames sitting around my house. Two of the frames came from IKEA, the round one and the rectangle scallopy one. The little rectangle one came from my favorite store, wal-mart. No, wal-mart isn't my favorite store. I was just joking, but I did get it from walmart. The mirrored frame came from TJMax or some store like that. The horseshoe came from that farm supply store, oh man, I forgot the name of it....wait just a minute, let me google it. Tractor Supply, that's it! I got it at a steal of deal after Christmas. It was like $4!

Now that you know where I got all my frames from, don't know if you really cared, the next step was deciding what I wanted to put in each frame. I knew I wanted the letter K for Kyla and I knew I wanted some cowgirl type stuff. I searched through my digi-stash and found some elements that I thought would look cool cut out on the traditional scrapbook paper that I bought. The boot shape and horse shape are from Chelle's Cowgirl Up Kit that I bought to make the canvas. I opened a new document in photoshop to the size that I knew I would want printed to fit into my frame and placed my boot on the page. I stretched the boot to the size I need.  I color overlayed (Layer Styles>Color Overlay) it with a black color. Then I right clicked on the boot layer and converted it to a smart object. After that I clicked on the boot layer again and rasterized the layer. So I had a black image. So what I did was I took my little magic wand tool and I placed the marching ants on the inside of my boot. Then I went to select>modify>contract. I contracted the ants about 10 pixels. Then I simply deleted the inside of my boot and all I had left was this wonderful little outline. I printed it, traced it onto my digital scrapbook paper, cut it out and voila I had my pretty little boot cut out on scrapbook paper.

Here's the K I printed out. I traced it and cut it out of my scrapbook paper. I cut out the bottom paper to fit into my frame and then I glued the K to that bottom paper.

And here ya go!

Here are a few extra tips.

1. When you are choosing your elements make sure you don't choose anything that will be too hard to cut out. I had a hard time cutting out the horse that you see on the far left of my wall. The legs were pretty skinny and my paper cutting skillz aren't all that great.

2. When you are choosing your papers make sure you pick contrasting colors for your cut out element and the background paper. You want to make sure the element that you choose is going to stand out. Also be aware of patterns. I chose one bold pattern and one more simple pattern for each frame so that the element would stand out more.

3. You could totally just do this all with digi-stuff if you wanted to print everything out on your home computer. Simple just use Ctrl+J to clip different paper to different elements. Put your paper behind your element, add a little shadow to your element and you are good to go. In reality, this probably would have been the easiest thing for me to do since I'm not much into cutting and gluing. Oh well, it's done and I like it and so does my daughter, that's all that matters.

4. I'm no expert at any of this so I'm sure there are easier and betters ways to do this. It's just how I did it.

And here's a little picture hanging tip.  I arrange all my frames on the floor in front of where I'm going to hang my pictures. I arrange, rearrange, visualize it on the wall, ask my husband's advice, ignore my husband's advice, arrange, rearrange again and finally figure out what I want to do. Then I start hanging the pics up. Always starting from the middle. I don't measure or level or anything. I just eyeball it. Sure, there's lots of holes behind the pics but nobody will see those once everything is hung up.

Now, go make some picture art.


cheryl said...

This might be my favorite blog post of yours yet! I love how you wrote in stream-of-consciousness style! AND, I love your wall art. :) I gave away all my paper scrapbooking stuff so I wouldn't be tempted to get that mess out anymore, so I think I'll use my digi goodies to make some wall art. :)

Scrapping With Liz said...

Thank you Cheryl! I've always hated writing (although I've grown to love blogging) & I've never felt creative in that way. So this was very encouraging to hear. I always wonder if I sound like a boring blogger.

It is so easy & fun to use digi stuff to make wall art!

Desiree Spalding said...

Your wall art are to die for. They look really pretty, with just a simple picture hangers they can be an additional design at home. It will definitely give your home a new personality.

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