February 15, 2012

A Day In the Life

One of the challenges I wanted to do this year was "A Day in the Life". When I saw that Ali Edwards was doing hers last Wednesday I decided I would join her in the challenge. So I got my camera all ready and snapped photos all day along. I even had my children and my hubby snap a few for me....I think they thought I was a little crazy!

Anyway, here is my day summed up in a scrapbook page.....and if you like my pages these will be available as templates very soon!

I tried to keep the pages nice and simple to focus more on the photos, time and journaling.

Here's the 2 page spread.
I went from left to right with my time sequence.

Left Side

Right Side

And here's a little journaling page describing the photos a little bit better.
I used Faith True's Rub On Alpha. The font is McPhatty.
I had so much fun doing this project. When I went to look at my photos and put them onto a page, I realized how blessed I really am and how much I really do love my life. I can't imagine a life with no homeschooling, no girls, no hubby, no God.......oh and no template making! :)

My hope is to do this project again. I would really like to document every day of the week. Most of the days are pretty much the same, except for our afternoon activities and the weekends. It would be fun to have a page for every day of the week.

I wonder what I'll think when I look back at these pages in about 10 years. I'll probably think, "Wow, I miss those crazy busy fun days with my young children!" or maybe I'll say, "I enjoyed those days while they lasted but I'm glad to be on to this next phase of my life!" Either way, I want to live life to the fullest in the present! Live life serving God, my family and others, right now and always.


P.S. Just to clarify: One of my favorite parts of the day is combing my oldest daughter's hair and chatting with her about the day.....although sitting down to my computer at night is a close second. It was a little confusing in the journaling. :)


Sarah said...

This is an awesome spread. Really makes me want to document a day like this...totally love how you laid it all out.

Sarah said...

Liz, these are AMAZING! I've dont a Week In The Life album with Ali Edwards, and your pages totally inspire me to do that again sometime soon. :)

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