March 14, 2012

Another Hybrid Canvas Print

My lovely SIL asked me to make a poster print for her boys' room. She told me what she wanted it to say and so I went shopping for the perfect digital scrapbook kit.

I found this kit by Faith True Originals and mle Card called  KAPOW! It had the perfect starry paper and some cute elements that I thought I would use. I also picked up Super Alphas to use as the main letters in my poster print. Faith True and Emily so graciously allowed me use their kit for this poster. :)

I ended up making these two mock-ups in 11x14 size: 
One with a few superhero elements,

and one without.

My SIL decided that she liked the one without better. I sent her the image and instead of going for the 11x14 she decided she wanted to try the 12x12 faux canvas print from wal-mart. Click here to see my previous canvas print. The 11x14 looks like it worked fine on the 12x12 canvas. She told me she really loves her print! Yay! She took a few pictures for me so I could show y'all (and that's exactly how she would say it with her southern Memphis accent).

So just another little nudge for you to go and gather some of your favorite digital scrapbook kits to make some hybrid home decor. ;)


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