May 24, 2012

FREEBIES You Might Want to Know About!

I'll admit, I'm being lazy tonight. I had this super awesome blog post planned about a "scrapbook" I made when I was 12. My mom found it while she was unearthing some old photos and such. I was going to take photos and share it with you all.  But, alas, it's almost the middle of the night right now (as I'm writing this) and just not a great time to take pictures (plus I'm a little too tired and lazy to go get my camera!). Every night I say to myself, "I'm going to take pictures tomorrow when it's nice and bright in here." Every day, I forget. So here I am...wondering if I should just skip a blog post this week....but I'm a creature of habit. I. just. can't. do. it. I have to stick to my routine (hmmm, maybe I should scrap about my silly routines).

Back to the purpose of this blog post. Right around this time every month (about the 3rd week into the month) I have a couple of freebies floating around in digi-land and I thought this might be a good time (since I didn't have anything else to blog about) to make sure you are aware of them. After all....I don't want you missing out on anything free!

Here's one that you can grab for free right now. It's available on the Scrap Orchard blog. I don't know if you are aware or not but they have a new blog feature called Template Tuesday. Each Tuesday you can run over there a snag a free template! So make sure you aren't missing out on that.

Here's another one that's free. You can grab this one over in the Scrap Orchard Challenge Forum. You can even play along with the challenge if you want to. Oh and um, I think I left some personal journaling on this page. Just ignore it, delete it....or read it, I guess. I made this template after a created a page....and I RARELY do that. I usually create the template first and then make a page.

There's also another way you can snag another template....but there is a little bit of work involved. As some of you know I have a Template Make It Snappy on my Facebook page and in the Scrap Orchard Forum on the first Saturday of every month (which will be coming up next weekend). We are changing things up a bit starting in June. There is still going to be a Template Make it Snappy but you won't get the free template unless you participate in the challenge. No worries though, it's still going to be a lot of fun and it will be super easy for you to participate. Grab one of the FREE templates above or make sure you have one of my templates handy so you'll be ready to play. Plus there will be a $5 prize to one winning participant.

Be sure to be tuned into my facebook page for other freebies, coupons, etc...that I might just randomly decide to post.

Oh and about that super awesome blog post about the "scrapbook" I made when I was 12. Yah, um, I'll get to that next week....if I remember to take pictures!


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