June 27, 2012

Hybrid Chore Cards & More

I've been wanting to have a more organized way of keeping track of my kids' chores. They have chores they do, but I feel like I'm constantly reminding them of what they have to do and then I forget sometimes what I've already told them to do. It was time for a much-needed adjustment to our chores.

So, being a digital scrapbooker, I decided I should use some of my digital scrapbooking supplies to make some kind of chore organizational system.

I had these Journal Cards from Tracie Stroud and I thought they would work perfectly for using as chore cards.

I brought them into photoshop and typed in different chores on the cards and rewards on some of the others. Then I put the cards on 8.5x11size pages in photoshop, saved them as .jpgs and printed them out on my home computer.

Then I put my daughter to work cutting them out for me. ;) Besides, she actually likes cutting, unlike myself, who prefers cutting with my keyboard.

Then I laminated them all and now I have handy dandy chore cards that I can give my kids every morning. What I've been doing is giving them each a couple of cards in the morning and by the end of the day, they have to have them done.

I also made these scorecards to keep track of when they complete a chore. For each chore completed they get to fill in a circle with a dry erase marker. When their cards are full they get to randomly pick a reward card. So far it's given them great motivation for filling up their cards and I'm getting a lot of work done around the house!

Here is a list of  chores just to give you some ideas (keep in mind these are for a 9, 7 & 5 year old):
- Breakfast Helper
- Lunch Helper
- Dinner Helper
- Empty Dishwasher
- Laundry: put laundry away
- Laundry: help switch out laundry and fold it
- Laundry: gather and sort laundry
- Surprise Chore (I left this one blank, for those chores that only need to be done every once in a while)
- Vacuum: Upstairs Carpet
- Vacuum: Downstairs
- Vacuum: Upstairs Wood Floor
- Dusting: All Bedrooms
- Dusting: Dining Room and Living Room
- Dusting: Downstairs
- Care for Lucy: Check her food and litter box.
- Mom's Bathroom
- Girl's Bathrooms
- Downstairs Bathroom
- Morning Chores: Get Dressed, Make Bed, Empty Trash Can, Brush Teeth, Brush Hair (I printed out 3 of these cards - they get this one every morning)

Here is a list of the rewards I made up:
- 20 minutes of extra play time before school
- get to choose your own lunch
- skip a chore of your choice (except morning chore)
- $1 to spend at the dollar store
- get to choose movie/show to watch
- paint your nails
- stay up 30 minutes later with mommy and daddy
- $1 to spend on candy at gymnastics
- $1 to spend on the movie of your choice from the library (with my approval, of course!)
- 1 board game of your choice with mommy or daddy (we've already used this one and it was a big hit!)
- bake/make a treat of your choice
- $1 for your bank

Now, another project!

While I was at it I decided to get my school stuff organized for next fall too. This is what I do in the summer: I get all organized because I have no time the rest of the year to do these kinds of projects! 

I took this kit from Tracie Stroud to help myself get all ready for the 2012-2013 school year.

I took the chalkboard in the kit and took the alpha to 'write' the girls' names on it. Then I printed them out on my home printer and taped them onto individual plastic containers. Each of the girls gets a box and they will have the school work they have to get done for that day in it (along with other supplies they might need - pencils, scissors, glue, etc...). Last year my 9 and 7-year-old carried their school work all around the house in different rooms to complete it. I thought this would be an easy way for them to carry their schoolwork around and be able to keep track of it all. They were continually losing things. Coincidence? I think not! Now there will be no more excuses.

Then I used those journal cards & kit again and typed up a list of the different subjects the girls are working on. I'm going to stick these in each of the boxes so that I can keep track of what they are doing and what they need to get done every week.

And then since I had these cards all organized with our list of schoolwork I thought I should scrapbook them. Won't it be fun to look back and see what we did during this school year?

Using Capture Life: Journal Cards from Tracie Stroud
and Making the Grade from Tracie Stroud

I hope that gives you a little inspiration to use your digital scrapbooking products for organizational projects. It makes it so much more fun.



MK said...

THIS was very helpful! Thanks you!!!

Erika said...

LOVE these! Those boxes will help a lot, I can testify to that! What font are you using on your cards? I really like it!

Liz said...

It's called Elizabeth relation to me! LOL!

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