July 16, 2012

Sneak Peek and usual!

I hope you all had a fun weekend! We took an unexpected trip down to Stone Mountain, Georgia. We had  friends give us tickets to the park and so we decided to pack up really quick and go on down there. It was a such a fun surprise for the girls. When they woke up Saturday morning and we told them what we were doing....they were all like, "Right now, we are leaving right now. Right now, really?!" They could hardly believe it. We had such a fun time and I have TONS of pictures to scrap of our short trip.

I thought I would show you a pic of my girls and I at the top of the mountain. We hiked all the way up and all the way down. Here we are at the top and you can see my girls are pretty worn out but I'm so proud of them for making it all the way to the top.....with pretty minimal complaining. ;)

Okay, onto what you really want to see. It's my new template set for this week. These are a bit unique. I usually design templates first and then make pages with them. Well, with these I scrapped the pages first and then made templates with them! I can't wait to show you all of my pages. They are really fun templates and you'll be sure to scrap LOTS of pictures with these. The entry form for the giveaway is below. I'll be announcing the winner here on this post and on my facebook page on Wednesday night after 11 pm EST. You have until then to enter.

Giveaway Expired.
Thank you all for entering. It looks like lots of you went on recent trips that you need to scrap. Well these new templates will be perfect for you and all your photos. They are my new Multi Photo Templates and they are perfect for scrapping lots of photos.

The winner was Amie (comment #36) and she said: We went to Silverwood & Boulder Beach Theme park yesterday! I haven't scrapped anything yet- just getting caught up on the laundry that happens after a day at the theme/water park!! ;)

Amie - boy do I know how much laundry even a one day trip can make!

Be sure to check out these templates while they are 20% off.
I'll see you again next week for another sneak peek.


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