November 7, 2012

Giving Thanks - My Impromptu Project

Last week, as we entered the 1st day of November, I began seeing people (on facebook) posting things they were thankful for. Then as I saw more and more posts I realized that it was a month long commitment to post something everyday that you are thankful for during the month of November.

Then as my family and I were sitting down to dinner that night I picked up this little orange book that sits on our dining room table all the time

It's a "thanksgiving" book that a friend gave to me awhile ago. Gratitude: A Journal by Catherine Price Whenever any of us in the family think about something we are thankful for we can just write it in the book. I love looking back and seeing what my girls have written.

Anyway, I decided that we would do this 30 Days of Thanksgiving project as a family. I asked everyone to tell me something they were thankful for. I wrote down what they said in the book.

Then later that night I decided I should scrap what I had written down earlier that evening. Then I decided I needed to make a whole Thanksgiving digital scrapbook album! Wow, so a few facebook posts and now I'm making a whole album. Yup. I'm committing to scrapping a page for each day in November. Each page will contain what each of us have said we are thankful for besides Lydia, she's not quite verbally ready to share, but I'm sure she'll enjoy looking at the album one day.

So I've planned to keep it pretty simple. I'm going to make it 8x8, only use one kit (A Thankful Heart by Tracie Stroud), and keep it pretty simple on the elements.  I'm also not going to stress about scrapping my pages every day. My goal is to write down the things my family is thankful for every day and then scrap them as I can. I would like to have the album done by the end of the we'll see! Wouldn't this be a great album to look back at over the years? I had so much fun making my December Daily in Quotes album last year that I know I'll enjoy this.

Here are a few pages I've already completed.

Let's see if I can keep up with this! I sure hop so because I know it will be an album we'll cherish looking at each Thanksgiving.



Anonymous said...

awesome post!
your words and pages are very inspiring to find a way to not only acknowledge, but document and share our gratitude to inspire a sense of gratitude in others

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. What a lovely idea I wish my children were young again and at home so we could do this. I am thankful that they have grown up to by lovely young people that I not only love but like very much.

Anonymous said...

You should never be posting layouts like that! You're making me cry! lolz! seriously, you're good at touching the hearts of your readers!

Jan said...

AWESOME idea... thanks for sharing!

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