January 5, 2013

Easy Peasy Banner Template

I'm here with my first little DIY project of 2013. Actually I made this before Christmas and while it works great for a Christmas banner you can make it work for any holiday, party, or season. It's super easy. In fact, it's so easy you can get your kids to help you. That way you don't have to do any cutting, because if you are anything like me (the digital scrapbooker), you don't particularly like using scissors.

First, gather scrapbook paper or print out some digital scrapbook paper. I used about 4 sheets of 12x12 paper. Cut semicircles out of them. I used a bowl as a guide and just lined it up half way on the edge of my paper, drew a line and then let my kids cut it out. Apparently sticking your tongue out helps with the concentration. 

I think she's trying to multi-cut. Maybe she doesn't like cutting either or maybe she's just innovative and knows how to get the job done.

Gather some twine, string, lace (whatever you want) and a hot glue gun. Arrange your semi-circles how you want them displayed. Cut your twine to the desired length and then hot glue the twine on top of your circles. See? Easy peasy!

Then display however you like.  I have a wall downstairs that I use to display schoolwork, artwork, or whatever and since we were going to be opening Christmas presents with the family downstairs I wanted a little bit of festive decoration.

It could almost look like a digital scrapbook page. All I need to do is add some photos....which I thought about doing but I didn't have any time. Maybe next year?



├ůsa said...

Nice and easy - love the photos of the girls and your comments - made me smile.

Helen Gullett said...

This fun! And yes, sticking out tongue is helping to concentrate. My girl always does that, too. So hilarious!

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