January 24, 2013

Instagram Week 3 & a Tip

I've heard it takes 21 days to create a habit and I think that's true. I'm on Week 3 of my 2013 Project so I'm really getting into the groove of taking pictures every day and scrapping them every week. There was one day last week where I almost forgot to take my picture but it worked out good because I got a picture of what my life is like later on at husband sitting on the couch across from me while I work on my computer.

Weekly Project Templates 1 and Capture Life: January, Capture Life: Messy Krafts, and Capture Life: Mega Alpha Stash (all Capture Life from Tracie Stroud Designs).
This is my tip for you this week: Make sure you take pictures at different times during the day. I found that I was mostly taking pics in the middle of the day. I tried, this week, to take a few earlier in the morning and a little later at night. That way I got a better overall view of my life. While my life is mostly filled with my kids (because I stay at home and homeschool) I still have a few times (like early in the morning and late at night) that are filled with other things and I want to make sure I capture those as well.

Your going to want to make sure you watch the blog next week. I'm going to be releasing another set of Weekly Project Templates (to keep us going through February) and I'll be doing another special giveaway.


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Chippi said...

That one of your hubby sitting on the couch is great! It definitely shows quiet time, haha!! I love seeing your photos each week, and I can't wait for next week's new templates!!
Thank you for sharing Liz!

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