January 10, 2013

My 1st Weekly Instagram Page

Here's my first page. I remembered to take a photo every day (yay, success!) with my phone...actually, a couple days I took more than one so I had to choose the one that I thought would convey more of what I was feeling that day.

Using Weekly Project Templates 1 and  Capture Life: January,  Messy Krafts,  Capture Life: Mega alpha Stash all from Tracie Stroud Designs.
Read more about my challenge here and if you would like to join me in my challenge you can email me your pages (using Weekly Project Templates 1) and I will send you a coupon to use towards next month's template set!

A quick tip: To get your pics off of your phone you can use Instaport. It's super easy and FREE. You just link your account and then download your photos in one .zip file. Voila! You've got all your instagram photos at your fingertips ready to scrap, print and share.

I'll be back next Thursday with another page to share and if you have any instagram or questions about this challenge please let me know. I'll try to address them during my Thursday posts.

Now to go take today's photo!


1 comment:

Chippi said...

Thanks for the tip about Instaport! I always just plug my phone in and drag them off the camera roll (with all the non-Instagrammed pics, but this is cool!!
I love your Weekly Project Templates, I got them as soon as I saw them!! I can't wait to see more!!

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