January 17, 2013

P365 - The Instagram Way: Week 2

Woohoo! I've stuck to this for 2 weeks...only 50 more to go!

Here's my page for week 2 (to see my 2013 project click here):
Using my Weekly Project Templates, Capture Life: January, Capture Life: Mega Alpha Pack, and Capture Life: Messy Krafts (all Capture Life is by Tracie Stroud).
Here's a tip for this week: When I made this page and last week's page I realized that some of my instagram photos already had a white border or black border (depending on what effect I chose). When I went to do my page I liked the photos with the borders better. What to do with the photos without borders? Well, I just made my own little white square in photoshop and put it behind the photo, added a shadow by copying and pasting the shadow style (see tips here #8) to the white square and left my photo with no shadow style. That way it looks like the instagram frame. I think it makes my photos pop out a little bit more on my page.

Do you need help making a white square? First open a new page in photoshop and make your canvas size 2.93 inches by 2.93 inches (at least this is the size square I used). Just like this:

Then hit okay and paint your canvas white. You then can drag and drop that onto your digital scrapbooking page.

I'm having fun with this project and I've enjoyed seeing some of your pages. Make sure you email me the pages you made with my Weekly Project Templates 1 and you'll get a discount on the next set of Weekly Project Templates.

I've been taking my photos this week, have you?



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