January 12, 2013

TV Tray Upcycle

It's time for another little DIY project.

I was given these TV trays when I was married 13 years ago. It was a wedding gift from a friend. Since we didn't have a lot of furniture (or a lot of money) we used these as end tables next to our mattress. Since then they have been used for actual tv trays, craft projects, support for forts (if you have kids you know what I mean) and any other thing you can imagine a TV tray could be used for. I decided it was time to redo them. They had marker, paint, glue, etc....stuck to them and they were starting to look pretty battered and drab.

My wonderful hubby (who claims to be an expert spray painter) spray painted these with some off white paint. I wanted to take a picture before he started  but he was little too impatient to wait for me to bring the camera down. Actually, he probably knew I would get side tracked with one of the kids so he just went ahead and started. I got downstairs in time to snap this picture of him painting the tables. He sanded the top of the tables first, to smooth out some of the bumps, and then he painted the bottoms and the legs and left the top unpainted.

The next part of the process was mod podging scrapbook paper to the top part of the tray. I went to my local art store and picked out some scrapbook paper. I'm really loving the colors and floral patterns of these papers. They'll be the perfect pop of color in my house.

Mod Podge, sponge brush, scrapbook paper and scissors, check.

I got my kids involved (because I knew they would love it). They helped me mod podge the paper onto the trays. I used some tips from An Altered Obsession. I highly recommend reading it before you start. 

We started with one piece of paper and then added from there. I bought 4 pieces of scrapbook paper for each table but it only took 3.  I made sure the first piece was lined up with the very edge of the table. It was a  little tricky but we did it. We had to really smooth out the corners and cut and fold a little bit.

It is not seamless pattern but you hardly notice it.

What do you say?

I used scrapbook paper so it kind of counts as a scrapping project, right? You could even use digital scrapbook paper if you wanted. Either way it was fun, easy and now I have nice new TV trays that are almost too pretty to use! 



Sandy_in_MD said...

They look great, Liz! This is a great idea - thank you so much for the step by step instructions.

Thea A. said...

wow! This is great! I'm bookmarking this!

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