February 23, 2013

A New DIY Gallery Wall

Most of you know that we've recently added a new addition to our family. Actually, it's been over 5 months that are new little girl has been with us. Wow, time flies! I've slowly been updating our home to include pictures of her *ahem* lots of pictures of her. I thought I would show you one of the walls in my house that I just updated. I even used digital scrapbook products!

I had all the frames and they were actually all arranged just the same way as you see above, except that they had different photographs in them. They were filled with professional pictures that we had taken over 5 years ago at Christmas time. Definitely time for a little update.

First I picked out some photos that I wanted to include. I wanted it to be like a history page of our family on our wall. I included a wedding photo, a new family photo, a new photo of Lydia and then a new photo of all the girls together. I kept the three individual ones of the other girls....they look so tiny and cute (boy do they grow up fast). Look at those little feet.

Forgive the dust. I only noticed it once I opened my photo in photoshop. The first thing (well, maybe not the first) I'll do tomorrow is go and dust my frames really good.
I picked a digital scrapbook kit that would work well with my decor. Bella Gypsy's Smile Sparkle Shine was the perfect kit for the job. I printed a few pieces of paper from the kit to update the frames that had photo mats like I did here in this post. I didn't spray paint these. I just updated the mats..

Then I used the text tool in photoshop to make a big letter A and then I clipped some paper to it, added a shadow, added a background paper and then printed that out and put it in one of the frames.

Then I made a little est. sign the same way I made the letter A. Wow, it's been almost 14 years!
After completing the A page, EST page and the photo mats I decided the new photos would look better black and white. Thankfully, I decided that before I had my photos printed. Minus the cost of printing the photographs, this project didn't cost me any money!

I think it turned out quite nicely. I love the fact that I can go down my stairs now and see all parts of my family.


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