February 13, 2013

My - MyPublisher Book

I was at a friend's house, actually the friend who got me started on Digital Scrapbooking, and she was showing me a book she got printed of their vacation pictures. I loved it. It was simple but beautiful. It was one of those digital scrapbooks that you just upload your photos and stick them in the photo spots and get your book printed. You all know me. You know I love making the typical digital scrapbook page but this book appealed to me because I saw all her vacation pictures in one nice little album and I knew it would be a quick way to get photos from one event into an album quickly and beautifully.

This same friend had also taken family photos of us after our return from China as gift to our new family. So I had a bunch of professional photos that I had been wanting to scrap but I wasn't sure how I wanted to scrapbook them. When I saw these books I new they would be perfect.

I just recently put the book together with our professional photos by Laressie Ann Photography and ordered one (actually 2 because they had a coupon for buy 1 get one free!) from MyPublisher. I thought I would share it with you and tell you a little bit about the book.

It was very easy to make. I picked about 40 of my favorite photos from the photo shoot and just uploaded them into the MyPublisher software. You can quickly and easily download it onto your desktop (it's free). I just picked a simple theme for my book (no text or color) and placed my photos in the photo spots. They do have a lot of options as far as different styles and being able to add text to your pages but I just wanted plain and simple for these photos.

I ordered a 8.75 x 11.25, with a linen cover. I chose the tangerine linen color because I thought it looked nice with our fall attire. They also offer a variety of book covers from custom photo covers to leather.  I also chose the lay flat option with the super glossy printing. I wanted my pages to look more like printed photographs.

The MyPublisher lay flat binding is hinged. You can see the thin strip of binding there (the little black spot).

When you open the book there is one sheet of vellum type paper and then the pages begin.

I loved the colors in my book. They were very accurate to what I saw on my computer.

Here you can see the binding a bit more. There's a little gutter so if you were making full page spreads you have to take that into consideration but since I was just using photographs it was fine.

I just love the pages with the photos taking up the whole page.

Then the very last page has this printed on it and then the vellum piece of paper again.

I'm very happy with my book and I'm so glad I can easily pull it out and show everyone the gorgeous pictures from Laressie Ann Photography.


I am in no way affiliated with My Publisher, they did not compensate me for writing this review.

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