February 14, 2013

Week 6!

Using my Weekly Project Templates 2 and Tracie Stroud's Capture Life: February,  Sticker Bits Alpha No. 2 and Capture Life: January Messy Krafts
Here's my week 6 page. I tried to capture a variety of things this week. I realized that last week's photos mainly consisted of my family (which, in reality, is 95% off my life!) but I do have other things I enjoy....playing piano, running (although not when I'm attacked by a dog), digi-scrapping and cooking.

When I look at my instagram pages 20 years down the road from now I think I'm going to want to look at all those other areas of my life as well.

How are you doing on your daily pictures or weekly pictures, or monthly pages....whatever it might be that you are working on this year?


P.S. My leg is okay, for those of you who are wondering. A dog attacked me on Saturday while I was running in our neighborhood. A pit bull jumped the fence, bit me and scratched me on my calf. All is well now, just a little bit of a scar and bruising.

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