March 30, 2013

ABC Album Inspiration

I have a little guest post today from Donna P. (many of you know her by djp332). She just completed an album for her niece's little boy using these templates:

I thought it would be nice if she shared it with us here on the blog. What do you say? If you need more inspiration to make an ABC Album make sure you check out my ABC Album here.

This is what Donna had to say about her ABC Album:

Ever since I began digi-scrapping, I've known that I wanted to make an ABC book. I purchased the alphabet papers (from Digitreats, a now retired store) and your templates over a year ago, and they have been sitting in my stash ever since. Finally, on March 1, 2013, my niece had a baby boy and I could start my book.

A friend sent me a link to a list of very helpful ideas.

I had a lot of fun searching my stash for just the right embellishments. The idea list helped tremendously. For those items that I could not find in my stash, such as the iguana, the queen, the yams, and the xylophone, I searched Google Images, making sure the images that I chose were big enough to be used in my layouts.

Using your ABC book templates made the whole process very easy, and I was able to alter them to suit my needs, such as removing the journaling and photo spaces.

I made the decision to print this book at Shutterfly after receiving an email containing a code for a free 8x8 book - the perfect size for a book for a baby. The book arrived quickly, less than a week after uploading. Of course, I always find an error or two after printing, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with the whole book.  Three of my friends liked the book so much that they also ordered a copy to give to their own relatives. I feel like an author!

Here's the front cover. There was a black line on the top that did not show in the preview when uploading but overall I'm very happy with my FREE 8x8 book! I did notify them and they are going to print another book for me!

 Here are a few of the pages from inside my book.

I used all sorts of elements from digital scrapbook kits I've collected over the years. If you see an element
that you want to know more about just email Liz and we'll send you the info.

And here's the back. I just love it!

I just love how Donna grabbed from all kinds of different kits to make her book. I just know the kids are going to enjoy flipping through that book, looking at all those fun elements, all while learning their letters!



cheryl said...

What a great book! I love it, and I'm sure the kids will love it, too.

Rene said...

Quirky seems to be a popular word for Q.... that's the word I used too!
Very nice book Donna :)

Berniek said...

Lovely template book, I never saw this before.
Great take on this, Donna!

LBickford said...

Totally awesome!!! I am one of the friends that also purchased Donna's book - and I can't wait to see the grandkids looking through it! LOVE <3

Unknown said...

Even though I bought the templates, I want to buy yours! Awesome

Leslie said...

This is so great, Donna! Well done (and I'm one of the people who ordered one for my own family!! It's fabulous and mine didn't have the printing flaw--so the flaw Donna saw was clearly a printing error, not something that Donna did.)

Tammy said...

This is awesome! It makes me wish my kids were little so I could make an ABC book for them! ...guess I'll wait for grandbabies ;)

mnJenL said...

That is absolutely adorable!! I wish that I had been digi scrapping when my kids were the right age for something like this.

Suzan a.k.a. Smurfie said...

That looks great!
I just started a similar book with those templates for my niece! (Even before reading this post)

Sheila Irish said...

LOVE this! I was hoping to be able to see a list of credits, as I was curious which embellishments, papers, etc. were used....

Elizabeth said...

Hey Sheila, send me a message and I'll get you the full list of credits. There's a link in the blog post.

Barbara said...

That is AMAZING __ and SO SUPER CUTE. I LOVE IT ALL. Where / What paper did yu use for the COVER ? That is way cool. I will be getting these Templates today- Glad I FOUND this. LOVEW LOVE LVOE IT.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Barbara, It was from Chelle's Street Smarts kit. Glad you like the album!

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