March 13, 2013

Scrap Pin: The New SO Gallery

In case you haven't noticed Scrap Orchard has a new gallery for your digital scrapbook pages. I wanted to give you all some info about it and show you how you can maximize your ScrapPin experience....especially for Scrapping with Liz layouts.  I know some of you might not even use galleries but I thought I would share this with those of you who do use the Scrap Orchard gallery.

Here are links to some of the basic info about ScrapPin:
Introduction to ScrapPin
SrapPin Rules, Moderation Policy and General Information
Hashtags (more about this below - this is the fun part!)

For all of your Scrap Pin Tutorials you can go here.

Here's a list of some of the tutorials that I think are important:
How to Register for a ScrapPin Account. You can choose to log in with facebook or not. I have chosen not to and just registered with my email address.
How to Upload a Layout
How to Create a Board. Boards are nice because you can organize your pages on to different boards. You could have a different board for each album you are creating.
How to Edit a Pin. Just in case you forgot something.

Now to the hashtags. Unlike the old gallery, you do not upload your pages to a certain category, this is where hashtags come in. If you want to upload to my gallery just put the hashtag #swl in with your description. When you go to the new ScrapPin gallery you can easily search #swl and see all the layouts posted with Scrapping with Liz Templates. You can list multiple hashtags on one pin.

One of the things my team loves is the #doublelayout hashtag. I know a lot of SwL fans love double pagers, as do I, and it's fun to search #doublelayout and see a whole bunch of double layouts pop up for inspiration.

This is what popped up when I searched #doublelayout. 180 lovely double page spreads!

One thing to take note of is making sure you add the correct hashtag when uploading your page for a challenge. Usually the hashtag is noted on the challenge post.

Another cool feature is that you can easily share your your page in the forums by using the bbcode button on the bottom of your pin. Just go into your pin and click on bbcode and then you can copy the link and copy and paste in the forum.

There's the code at the bottom that you can copy and paste. 

I'll admit it, I hate learning knew things. It took me a while to get used to the new gallery but now I love it.

The old gallery is still available until the end of March so you'll have to move over any of your pages that you want in your SO gallery before then. I know, that's a bummer, but I'll tell you that I went through my old gallery and I really had a lot of fun looking at my old pages. I chose to move over my favorites and leave the rest. Of course, I still have the full res layouts on my EHD and most of them I have printed, so the gallery layouts were just an extra way to share my pages. I also have them all on my facebok page in different albums for my family to see. So I think it's safe to say that I have them stored in enough places.

For any technical issues you may have with ScrapPin please log in to your Scrap Orchard account here or contact Scrap Orchard Customer Service.

I really hope this helps you and if you have any questions please let me know. I'll try to answer them or at least point you in the right direction.

Oh and if you want to "follow" my boards just click here and you can pick which ones you would like to keep up with.

P.S. Here's a little hashtag reminder chart I made for myself. I had a hard time remembering what all the designer hashtags were so I made this up, printed it out and it's hanging next to my computer. Now I can easily look over and make sure I include all the appropriate hashtags. Just right click, save it and then print it!
Make sure you highlight the #swl hashtag! But of course, you won't forget that. ;)


Amy C said...

Thank you so much for the hashtag cheat sheet! I need one of those so bad, but I haven't had time to do my own.

Elizabeth said...

So glad it helped! It's definitely helped me #hashtag quickly.

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