April 18, 2013

Week 15 & a Tip

Weekly Project Templates 4 and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud
Week 15 is finished and that means I'm 30% of the way done!

Another thing I do, to make my instagram scrapping to go faster, is make my pages ahead of time. I usually do a double layout that matches. Like this one:
Weekly Project Templates 4 and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud
I'll work on both pages at one time even though I don't have all the photos yet. So, although I just finished my Week 15 page I already have my page 16 all decorated with paper and elements. All I have to do next week is add my photos and journaling. :)


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Chippi said...

That's a great tip, Liz. I had actually started pre-planning/doing my pages like you, but I don't make double pages out of mine (though I sometimes wish I had). I slot my project life pages into their chronological spots, so they only rarely end up as double pages. So while I can still pre-plan my pages, but it makes it harder when I have no idea what is going next.

I love that picture of Lydia snuggling you!! So precious!

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