May 17, 2013

Journal Card Inspired Templates & Free with Purchase Offer

Liz has two new sets of journal card inspired templates for digital scrapbook layouts.  These templates all have multiple 4x6 and 4x3 inch clipping masks - so you just drop in photos and some lovely journal cards that are in kits nowadays, add a couple embellishments ... and you've got a beautiful page!  The name says they're simple, and they are, but the results are stunning!  They have an introductory 20% discount, but for a limited time you can get both sets for the price of one! Add Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 to your cart, and Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 2 will be added automatically for free. The 20% discount and Free with Purchase offer are available through 5/23/2013.  The images below are linked for you.

Also new in the Market are Techno Geek Templates. These are some fun templates with technology inspired designs.  They were previously given out as freebies during iNSD, so check your stash before you buy!

And here are some inspiring pages from Liz and the team.

Have a great weekend!


Amy K said...

I really like that you've offered various photo orientations on one template. Many times I need more options on a page, and don't have that. Thank you for the FWP as well!

Rhadonda Sedgwick said...

I love these templates. I prefer simple so i really loved watching you scrap last night. Cheryl is awesome too but i lean toward your style. Off to the store to actually buy yours and Cheryl's! You and your family are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Amy K - I usually make them that way because I often take pictures with different orientations too!

Rhadonda - Thank you! It was fun scrapping with Cheryl. I think we are going to make it a monthly thing!

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