June 12, 2013

Layer Styles for Titles

In case you haven't noticed I am a fan of using quick tricks to add titles to my digital scrapbook pages and one of those tricks is using custom layer styles. All you have to do is find a font you want to use, type your title and apply the layer style. You can always tweak the layer style to fit your page and your font.

I was so excited when Chelle released some layer styles in her store. I snagged them up immediately.

I've already used them on my latest instagram page.

Here are my tips on using Styles for titles:

1. Pick a thicker font. Most likely the style will look more realistic and need less tweaking. I've recently started a Fonts Board on Pinterest, be sure to follow it to find some free fonts!

2. Complete your page (or at least have your scrapbook paper behind the title) so that you know what the style will look like over the paper and elements.

3. Tweak your style after it's applied to your title by double clicking on the layer. Your layers palette will open and you can tweak all the different styles: Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, etc... Just play around with it until you like it. (I'm using CS3, not sure if this works in Elements) 

If you need to know how to install them I found this great tutorial over on Tutorial 9. They even have some tips on tweaking custom styles and there are some free downloads if you just want to get the hang of using custom styles before you purchase anything.

I guess I should mention that custom layer styles aren't only for titles. They can be used on paper layers as well. I've used them to make little epoxy buttons on my pages too. So many possibilities!


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Jazzmom said...

Cool! I am new to the world of digital scrapping ... thanks for sharing this quick tutorial.

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