June 13, 2013

Week 23 - My Instagram Project

Weekly Project Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz, Capture Life: June by Tracie Stroud, and CU Transparent Epoxy  Styles by Chelle's Creations.
You know what I love about this project? I love that I'm getting pictures scrapped every week. I've been a little bummed that I haven't scrapped any of my other photos for awhile (there just hasn't been time) but I'm so glad that at least I'm getting a glimpse of our life down on a page each week, even if it is the only page. The other photos will have to come later.

This week consisted of teaching my 5 year old to ride her bike, a camping trip and some around the house stuff. So glad I have a bit of our camping trip scrapped already!

So, let's think positive. What are you happy that you've done when it comes to memory keeping? Is it organizing your photos, printing, scrapping a page...or maybe it's just that you've taken photos. There's always something to be positive about!


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