June 20, 2013

Week 24 & Some Prints!

I ordered my page for my Insta Wall Art from Persnickety Prints. Since I wanted to order that page I decided I would go ahead and order the Instagram Pages that I have done so far. I thought it would get me excited to finish out the year! I think I'm hitting a slump.

It worked! I got so excited when I saw all my pages and so did my daughter. Just another reminder to get your pages printed! Now I'm ready to finish out the year. I'm almost half way there.

Weekly Project Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz, Capture Life: June by Tracie Stroud, and CU Transparent Epoxy  Styles by Chelle's Creations.
Here's my Week 24 page. This was the first week I failed to take a picture at all on one of the days. There's been weeks where I used my camera and not my phone but I've never completely forgot to take a picture. So I snagged a picture from the internet of the new shower curtain I hung in the bathroom. I spent the afternoon painting the bathroom and redecorating it. I think that works! It's going to have to work.


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