June 27, 2013

Week 25!

Weekly Project Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz and Capture Life: June by Tracie Stroud
Another week down! We're almost half way there. This week for the numbers on my page I just decided to keep them the way there were on the template. It made my scrapping go by a little bit faster and I think the numbers look great just clipped to the photo right below them. Did you know you can clip multiple items to a layer? I clipped the photo to the photo layer and then clipped the number to the photo that was clipped to the photo layer. I did that to give the numbers a "cut off" look. It's my newest favorite thing to do. I also did the same thing with my title.

This week was filled with a horseback riding lesson for my daughter's birthday, a summer field trip to the farm, a couple of trips to the park, lots of reading and Lydia's first friend's birthday party (awww).

We are really enjoying our summer over here.

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