September 27, 2013

Calendar Templates and Recyclables 25

Liz has two styles of Calendar Templates this week, as well as some Recyclables. Everything is 20% off through 10/3/2013.

First up, Simple Calendar Topper Templates are for making just the top side of the calendar. Most calendar printers can provide a standard date grid for you, so with these you can just have fun with the top pretty part. I love the style of these designs - just a few photo spots and a little bit of embellishment. Some of the team used these for 12x12 designs, and you can do that too. Liz has an 8x8 to 12x12 tutorial in which she shows how to increase the canvas size. The same technique would work on these.

With 2014 Calendar Templates, your design focuses more on the date side of the calendar. You can make it seasonal with the kits you use, and you can drop in pictures of your family on their birthdays and special dates.

Last, here is Recyclables 25 (a set past freebies and challenge prizes). Recyclables always have a fun mix of templates. Liz has mentioned, and I agree, that the templates in her Recyclables sets are some of her favorites. In case you missed any freebies, or if you couldn't participate in the challenges to get the prizes, Liz puts these in the Market at a great price.

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